50 things I am grateful for

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is a day to celebrate all things good in our lives and to take a moment to fill our hearts with gratitude. I try to do this everyday anyway, but today, I thought I'd take the time to write down some of the things that I feel the most blessed for.

So here we go, here are 50 things that give me grace in my life.

 1. My son, Liam, whom brightens up my whole world with his radiant personality.
 2. My son, Jaxon, whom melts my heart every day in his sweet and loving ways.
 3. My amazing, loving, and supportive husband, Jake, I have so much love for him.
 4. My sweet and adorable pug, Abby.
 5. Our charming little cottage, I'm beyond blessed to live here.
 6. The love and laughter that fills our home.
 7. My Mom and Pops, whom are far in distance, but close in heart.
 8. My 2 brothers, and 6 sisters - we don't all share the same blood, but that makes no difference.
 9. The most loving mother-in-law a girl could possibly have.
10. Friends, old and new
11. All my other loved ones; uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, cousins, and grandparents
12. My morning coffee, my favorite way to start the day.
13. Blogging, I love blogging, I'm thankful for blogging opportunities and blogging friends
14. Sunshine!
15. Our trips to the coast every year. 
16. Ocean waves, I could never get tired of staring at the ocean.
17. Comfort food
18. Water
19. Good health
20. Heat in the winter, A.C. in the summer.
21. Hot Showers
22. My warm cozy bed that I never want to leave.
23. Music
24. Peace and Meditation
25. Wine at Nine :)
26. Pinterest
27. Freshly fallen snow
28. Christmas
29. Christmas, I feel like I should mention it twice.
30. Mountains and Lakes
31. Camping trip with my family 
32. Starry nights
33. Sunsets
34. Seasons
35. Country life
36. Trees and flowers and butterflies, and all the beauty of the Earth
37. My car
38. Family Vacations
39. Adventures
40. Freedom
41. Fresh air
42. Sweat pants and comfy clothes
43. Sunday Mornings
44. Romantic comedies
45. Rain
46. Hot tubing on snowing nights
47. Teachers and coaches, who help teach and encourage my boys.
48. Technology and being able to call, text, e-mail, etc. anyone anytime.
49. Photography and capturing special moments
50. And You! I'm thankful for you, for taking your time to read this super long list, and for just being here, it makes me happy.

I feel like I'm leaving out so much more. and I know I am.  I feel so blessed in this life and I am truly thankful for it all.

Peace & Love, 

P.S. I want to see what you have been up to.
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