Spooky Polaroid Halloween Tags

Every October we have family come to visit us, and it's been a little tradition of ours to go to a
 corn maze-pumpkin patch.
Now, we usually go out to some pretty farm, where they have lots of fun activities to do with the kids, a big field of pumpkins to wander through, and the smell of sweet doughnuts in the air.

Well, this year we decided to go somewhere new. The name of this place was, Halloween Land.
And let's just say it was much different than the others we have been to.
I kept referring to this one as, 'redneck-y', because it so was.  It was much more scarier then the other farms we've been to, and this one was not so orderly. Halloween Land does a haunted trail at night that is rated the best around, but we didn't stay for that. I'm sure it would have scared the heavens out of me, No thank you, it was scary enough during the day.

However, we still had such a great time.
I absolutely Love getting lost in some tall stalks of corn with this crazy bunch.

When we got home I uploaded the pictures I took, and I realized that there were a lot of spooky ones.  I then had fun turning the pictures into Polaroids and giving them an even spookier effect using, Ribbet, an online photo editor.
 I knew that the pictures would make awesome Halloween tags. 
So I printed them out onto photo paper and then cut them out.
 I thought they would make perfect place setting cards for a Halloween dinner. 
I just added a name to the tag before I printed it out.

For the place setting, I stuck a rubber snake in a bowl that wrapped around the name card.
 I love decorating with snakes for Halloween because they usually freak everybody out.
 Another idea I had for using the Halloween tags was to add them to a wine bottle that you can give as a gift, to a party host, a neighbor, a friend, or whomever. 
 This time of year you can usually find fun seasonal wines, or of course you can add the tags to a soda bottle for those who do not drink wine.
 To make the bottle tag, I just punched two holes into the top corners of the tag, thread a piece of black ribbon through, and then I tied knots on the ends. Super easy!
 Can you think of any other ideas to use with these tags? 
If so, I would love to hear them.

I am adding the tags here below, and you are welcome to use them for your own personal use.
 Just copy and save them to your computer and print out.
I printed mine, 4 to a page, 3.5 X 5 images, on glossy photo paper.

If you don't have the time right now, you can always PIN it for later.


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