Mixels Birthday Party

Last week my son, Jaxon turned the big 7!!!
And for his birthday he wanted to have a Mixels Party.
It case you aren't familiar with Mixels, they are made by Lego and are these super cute little monsters that you can mix together to create bigger monsters called, Mixel Max's
They are really fun, and my Jax just loves to build and collect them.

Here's the Birthday boy himself.  Isn't he the cutest!

So the first thing we did was make Party Invitations, I created these online and printed them out. 
You are welcome to use them too. Just copy and paste it to your computer and print out on a 5 X 7 card. You can then write all the information on the back.
Or, you can also upload it to a photo editing program such as, PicMonkey, or Ribbit, add all of the information needed on the bottom of the card, and then print out.

Next, it was time to decorate!
 I just went simple and hung crape paper from each of the corners of the room to the chandelier in the center.  I hung a couple of big bouncy balloons from the chandelier, which we later took down for the kids to play with.  And lastly I hung up a Happy Birthday banner in the doorway.

For the place settings, I layered a blue paper plate onto a plastic orange charger with a Mixel on top. 
 Each kid had their own Mixel to build and take home with them.
I found some Mixel coloring pages online HERE.  There were a lot to choose from, so I had Jax pick out which ones he wanted me to print out.  He then wrote the names of his friends on the coloring pages so they knew where to sit.  We also had a few mugs of markers on the table for the kids to color thier pictures with.
 I like to decorate a special seat just for the birthday boy.
For the cake, we ordered it from our local bakery. We had them do the lettering on just one side so that we could add some Mixels on the other side.
 This is something we like to do every year, it's a cake and a new toy at the same time.  
However, we actually had ordered the new Mixel series 6 to be added to the cake, but we should have put a rush on the order because they didn't get delivered in time for the party.  So we had to use some of the Mixels that Jax already owned to put on the cake.  It all worked out, and Jax received his new Mixels the very next day.  They were black and yellow and would have been even cuter on the cake.  
Oh Well!
For the game, which Jax named,  'Mixel Hunter' I printed out some sheets of Mixels.  I had a card for each kid to hold,  I then printed and cut the same card, but cut out the circles.  To play the game, we hid all of the circles in the back yard. Then the kids went outside with their card in hand and had to find the match. Once they found the match they stuck it to their card. The first person to find all six matches won.
 The kids had a blast playing this game.

And Jax was super happy with how fun his Mixel party turned out.

 I still can't believe my Baby is 7 now
This Kid is Awesome and makes me very Proud.

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  1. Your son's party looks great! My son also wants a mixel party for his 7th birthday. Thank you for your ideas; I shall be using the mixel game and your invitation. Thank you for sharing and making this a lot easier for me! Claire x