Decorating for Halloween

My boys just love decorating our home for Halloween, which is perfect for me, because I don't. 
Well I kinda do, but not really.
Here, let me explain.

 It sometimes takes me a while to get into the whole spirit of Halloween.  I'm always so smitten with the loveliness of fall and decorating for fall is always a favorite for me, but then to throw in a bunch of weird stuff into the mix, like skulls, rats and spiders, is not so easy.
But like I said, my boys LOVE it!
 So every year I get out our one big bin of Halloween decorations and let my boys go at it.
They do such a great job of getting it ALL out and placing it Everywhere!
It takes them about 10 whole minutes, and then they are done.
 But having all of the decorations randomly put everywhere throughout the house makes me a little batty :)
So that's when I come in and put my final touches on it all. I like to group all of the decorations together and create one big display, rather than have things randomly placed here and there. 
By grouping the decorations all together it makes more of an impact, it creates a story to tell, 
and it just looks less clutter-y.
This is where I find myself having fun playing around with all of the weird, creepy and crawly Halloween decorations.
 My boys don't seem to mind that I totally switch everything around. I think they have come to expect it from me. I think for them it's mostly just fun to dig in the big box and pull out all of the stuff.
 It reminds them of memories from Halloweens in the past.
I actually felt that we didn't have enough Halloween decorations this year, so the boys and I went to the dollar store and picked up a few more little things. We got the glittered skeleton skull above, some little rubber bugs, snakes, and mice,

And a bunch of bats that I've hung from the chandelier.
 So our home is looking pretty scary around here.
We have more decorations outside, which I may share next time. I've already shared the creepy feather wreath that's hanging on the front door, but in case you missed it, you can see more HERE.
 So what do you think of mine and my boy's decorating?
I love it ~ because they love it 

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  1. Those snakes!! I have boys too and they are now grown. Loved those days. :)

  2. LOL, My girls want creepy and scary too but I just tell them I only to cute! I normally let them decorate their room with all the scary stuff.

  3. I think it is wonderful that you do that for them even though you don't like it. It is more than I can say for myself ;) My husband and I despise all the creepy stuff so my poor kids don't get to experience much of it. Way to be a cool mama!


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