Fall House Tour

Happy Fall Y'all!!
I seriously Can Not believe that it will be October on Thursday. September has just flown right by. It's been a pretty busy month around here for us, with my boys back in school now, and in between football and soccer games, we've manage to fit in one last camping trip, a Vegas trip, and a few gatherings with friends.  And it's just going to get crazier and crazier from here on. Both of my boys have fall Birthdays, then we have Halloween, Corn Mazes, Thanksgiving, and before you know it it's Christmas! So I have been trying to slow it down a bit, and enjoy everything that Fall has to offer.
I have added lots of Fall touches into our home and wanted to share them with you today.
So here is my Fall House Tour!

Once again, here is my entry way.  I feel like I have been sharing a lot of it lately.
And check out my Mummy Pumpkin, isn't it cute? 
 I'll be sharing more of it soon over at City Farmhouse .
 Here is our living room.
 You may have already seen some of these pictures from my last post, where I was sharing this new Camp People sign that I got from Pavilion gifts. We are camping people around here, and so I was wanting to go with a bit of a mountain, cozy, cabin, look in our living room, which I think is also so perfect for Fall.
Most of the pictures are ones I took while camping.  I love having these wonderful family memories framed. They make me smile every time I look at them.
You can find a tutorial on how I built my picture ledges, HERE.
You can also find a tutorial on how to make a mini greenhouse out of picture frames, like the one on my coffee table, HERE.
 I've just brought in touches of wood and burlap to warm up the space. 

 Across from the living room is the dining room.
 I tried to marry the same look in here as the living room since it's really just one big open space.
 This wall here is always a challenge for me.  Because it's also a walkway, I have to make sure that whatever I have here doesn't get in the way.  So on one side I have a stack of trunks, and on the other side I have a couple of white stools.
However, after doing some re-arranging, I decided to bring this antique wood shelf back in. I think it fits the space perfectly. I kinda wish I had two of them, one for each side.
I really had fun decorating the dining room for fall.

 I layered the table with a runner down the center, placemats on the sides, and then brought in fall touches for the centerpiece; like log candles, apples, and clipped grass from the yard.
 I made these denim placemats out of old levi's, and shared a how-to over at Ella Claire HERE

On the buffet table, I like the play on wood and wire, with a few green apples mixed in.
I also took out the darker baskets I had before, and added in some white ones.  And if you've noticed, I have a ton of picnic baskets.  I just can't seem to pass them by whenever I'm at a yardsale or thrift store. They are so handy to use as extra storage. I have them placed all over our house.
 Everything seems to flow together so well in this big open space.
 While putting together this fall house tour, I kept making small changes.  So here is how the mantel looked at first.....
But then I went to a friends yard sale and picked up this gorgeous scenic painting. I just knew it would be perfect on my mantel, and would tie in so well with the camping look I had going on.
I'm kinda in love with it, and still can't believe she only charged me a buck for it.
Speaking of yard sales, I also recently picked up this fun green tray, I thought it had that 'camp look' as well. And come to think of it everything on the tray except the feathers also came from yardsales.  
Have you noticed yet, that I really like to shop yard sales? 
 The french doors in the living room lead you into the sunroom/office.

 This is my little bohemian hideout. I like to keep the look in here fresh and eclectic, with a relaxed laid back feel to it.
 I come in here to listen to music, burn incense, and blog.

And that is all folks!
I hope you enjoyed the tour.

Thank you for stopping by,


  1. Very nice! I love the colors of the yard sale tray.

  2. ok when can i move in? i LOVE your style SO much!

  3. I just found your blog and just adore your home!!! I want everything. The camp like theme and your great finds want me to run out to all the garage sales. Love it all!

  4. Swooning over every photo! So gorgeous. You're so talented.
    Hugs, Jamie

  5. It's extremely simple that most things are white. You can replace with the brown or yellow picture frames for the attractive appearance.

    my blog@TEFL ProgrAM

  6. It all looks so nice. My favorite though are your camping touches - the sign, the painting and the tray. Some of our best family memories are from camping! :-) And I would have never thought of using picnic baskets for storage...duh! Do you paint yours? Smart idea!

  7. Alicia asked me if I'd be willing to do a little social media promotion about your upcoming party. I clicked through her site to visit yours because I've never been before. I LOVE your style!!! There are so many things in this home tour that I'm crazy about (especially that wooden shelf that you want two of) and you have incredible photography and ideas. So excited to follow your blog now!