An Easy Way To Create A Potting Station

Summer may be just about over, but that doesn't mean planting season is.
Fall is the best time to plant, grass, flower bulbs, cool-season vegetables, perennials, 
trees and shrubs. 
And with fall's cooler temperatures it makes it a pleasant time to garden.

I originally shared this post at Ella Claire.
Today, I wanted to re-share it here on my own blog for any of you who may have missed it.

 I created myself a little potting station in our backyard because I wanted to have a place to work on my potting and to store all of my garden tools.

  I already had the perfect spot for a potting station; his half wall built right outside of our garage. 
It was just an empty space before.

I found the perfect little shelf to add to the space.  I picked it up at a yard sale for 1 dollar.
I love the bright green paint on it.
 I gave my boys each a pair of pliers and put them to work removing the wood from the back of the shelf. Then they helped clean it up with the hose. They are such great little helpers.

I placed an old window frame above the green shelf. I just love how it looks hanging there.
Under the window is a wire basket for extra storage.

I have also hung up an old rake head to hang my garden tools from.

And I added a hook for hanging plants.
The green shelf has been perfect for storing extra garden pots.

Hanging in the corner is one of my grandma Nora's straw hats. 
Gardening always reminds me of her. She always wore a straw hat when she was working in the yard.

This potting station has been so wonderful to have this spring and summer. 
 And I know that it will be just as handy in the Fall.

 Do you have a garden station of your own? if not, I hope that I have inspired you to create one.   It doesn't take up a whole lot of room, and it is nice to have everything you need in one spot.

What will you be planting this Fall?



  1. Super cute use of an empty corner to create a gorgeous potting area. Good on you!

  2. That is a lovely little gardening corner with so much character! Cute helpers too. I hope to move a hydrangea bush from our front walkway to the backyard. We lost one in the backyard this winter and the front one is a bit too big for it's spot.