Thinking about painting our wood range mount, What do you think?

Hey guys!
So I am right in the middle of painting our kitchen cabinets.
They use to be cream and now they are a bright white.
Truthfully, it doesn't make a huge difference, but now the cabinets match all of the wood work in the rest of the house, which I have also painted from cream to white.

Anyway...  So we have this wood range mount in our kitchen that I'm thinking of painting.
My husband quite likes the wood because of how it breaks up the room.
But I feel like it is too dark and doesn't fit with my airy style.  I would normally sand it down, and stain it in a more gray wood tone. However, the finish on this thing is very shiny and veneer-like, so I don't think it will just sand off easily.

So out of pure curiosity of what it would look like painted, I headed to one of my favorite web sites; 
 And I had myself a little virtual paint party.

I uploaded the picture above and then tried on several different colors.
Here is how the range mount would look like painted white.
I am such a fan of white kitchens, and I think this would give me the look I want.

Note: The ceiling will get painted from cream to white as well, I may switch out my light fixtures, but the tile and counter tops are staying for now.
To compromise, we could just paint the bottom part white, and leave the hood as is.

I was just going to see what the range mount would look like painted white, but once I got playing around, it was hard to stop. So I had a little fun with color too.
Here,  I have left the top white and painted the bottom in a color called, Grays harbor.
 This is Grays harbor on both top and bottom.
This color is called, Riverway.
 This color is called, Olympic range. Which is a darker green. 
 And for the last look, I have chosen  a color called, Needlepoint Navy on the range mount, but then I also virtually painted the ceiling white, which made a big difference too.  This picture gives you a better idea of the finished look.

 Isn't it amazing how much a color can change the whole look of a room?

So do you have a favorite?
I'd love to hear what you think,




  1. Of course you have to go where your hearts take you with regards to colour but I'm liking the wood. It looks rich but not orange-y, and makes a statement sort of like a high end unfitted look. You have a lovely kitchen so I'm sure any of those would work.

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth. My husband will be pleased to hear that you like the wood look the best. And you are right, it's not a bad orange-y wood color, which would make me decision to paint it an easy one :) Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I think it would look amazing painted! White would look great! I also think SW Pussywillow would be pretty!

  3. Thanks Lisa! You know I love white :) I'll have to try out Pussywillow and let you know what I think :)

  4. Boy I love Grays Harbor the best....soo I am looking at your kitchen lights, are those baskets from World Market you placed over your lights? LOVE IT!!! Christine from Little Brags in Olympia

  5. Hi Emily,
    I love the dark wood in your kitchen. I would not paint it. It gives the kitchen a lot of depth. I would replace the white kitchen stools with a nice dark wood stool. I think that would bring it all together nicely and your kitchen would look very classic and special! ~ Kelly

  6. Love the wood. It adds a richness to the kitchen...just change the stools.

  7. What a fun way to view new paint colors without actually painting! How about painting the upper part white and leaving the base in the dark wood tone to ground the room? Lots of fun choices here!

  8. I agree with your Husband. Leave it wood. And I know you just finished those stools, but I agree with the others put wooden stools at the counter to tie the two together. Nice kitchen by the way. Alison

  9. I like the wood and the green gray

  10. My vote is to paint the ceiling for sure which really made it bright...then paint with Riverway (and possibly distress it?)

  11. Your home is so lovely! I just found you on Instagram and started following you there also:) I would definitely have to paint it too...otherwise I'd be obsessing over wanting to paint it LOL. I think the Riverway or the Needlepoint Navy, both look lovely! Whatever you choose, it will be beautiful I'm sure!

  12. I agree, Keep the wood, painting it out white makes the kitchen bland. Also the tile about the stove does looks like a dark hole with the white. I like Riverway and Needlepoint navy if you do go with paint. I would then change the fabric on the stools to something with the paint colour, white and the brown from the light shades and the tile (above stove). If you keep the wood stain, I would change to darker stools as mentioned already and maybe change out the pendants to something more metallic. Good Luck!

  13. I love wood and my husband would definitely say, "don't touch it" but honestly, I think it doesn't look right...kind of a black hole on that side of the room. I think if you keep it you should do like one of the previous comments and make the chairs the same wood color to balance the room. Personally, I think the vent hood would look good with some kind of greyish wash that tones down the dark. I wouldn't paint it white as it would disappear if it was as white as the cabinets. You have a lovely home and I'm sure all of our comments are confusing...I have oak cabinets in my kitchen that I would love to paint white but my husband loves them (ugh!) and he is so good about all the other things that I do that I leave the cabinets alone and I am happy that he is happy.

  14. I definitely think you should paint it! With it being so dark, it recedes too far back, and makes the kitchen look long and narrow. Before I even looked through all the pictures, I was thinking you should paint it a blue color. :) I like all of your options where the top and bottom are painted the same color. Whether you lean toward gray, green, or blue depends on how the colors look with your tile. Have fun! :)

  15. I love the Riverway color!! Maybe slightly distressed?


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