New Coat Rack In Our Entry Way - Part 3

Happy Sunday!
Are you enjoying your weekend?

I've just been painting kitchen cabinets,  sooooo nothing too exciting happening over here.
But I did want to take a break and share look #3 of our new entry way coat rack with you.

Here you go,  Look #3

If you haven't been around for my last couple of post, then let me give you the rundown.
My pops gave me an old coat rack, I painted it the same color as our living room walls, and hung up some of my grandma's straw hats.  Then I stumbled upon some wooden number tags that I picked up from Micheals last spring.  I attached the tags to the coat rack, and then restyled our entry way.
You can see more of both looks in Part 1 and Part 2

After living with the second look for a while, I decided I wanted to liven up the space a bit by changing a few things around.  
Here is how our entry way now looks.....And still looks, I haven't changed it since ;)
 The first thing I did was switch out the pillow.  This one was from Pottery Barn years ago. I like how well it fits the bench.
I also love the cheery color and the tropical look it adds to the space.
This Awesome macrame hanger came from a yard sale. I'm pretty sure it's suppose to be a towel holder, but I like how it perfectly fits a small potted plant.
  I've also placed an air plant inside of a jar and hung it on hook #1.
I love how plants can instantly liven up a space.
Another awesome yard sale find was this straw bag. 
 I thought it was so unique because of it's round shape.
The entry way feels fresher now and provides a happy welcoming when entering our home.

And then just for fun, I have pulled several different looks of our entry way from over the last year.  
As you can see, our entry way has gradually evolved to how it looks today.
It is important to me to always bring life into a space and keep it feeling fresh and lived-in.

Just look at what a difference time can make to a space:

Which one is your favorite look?

I'm glad you stopped by today.  Please stop by soon to see look #4.... Ha Ha Just kidding!
I think I will live with this one for a bit longer.



  1. I like your new look near the door. I am in a phase right now where I am really enjoying "pops" of color. I love the pillow on the bench and the variety of things hanging from the hooks, it makes it interesting. I like the look with the new paint color on the door.... It looks like you are having a lot of fun with it....enjoy your blog so much. Nancy

  2. I'm now obsessed with the pillow fabric! Love it.