Kitchen Inspriation

You guys are so Awesome!!!
I can not believe all of the feedback I have received from my last post
The decision whether to paint the wood stove mount in our kitchen has been a tough one. 

 I put all of your comments into consideration, and you know what, I still can't decide what to do.
Originally, I wanted to paint the stove mount all white.  I love white kitchens. I was secretly wanting all of you to vote for white too, that way I could tell my husband he was out voted. 
My husband likes the wood.... as well as so many of you!
I think the final tally on votes was; wood first place, color second place, and white came in last.

So for now..... I have decided to keep it wood!!!

However, that doesn't mean that down the road I will be itching again to paint it.
In the mean time, I'm going to paint the ceiling white as planned, and then I'm going to paint the tile backsplash. 
And Yes, you can paint tile. I saw it on Pinterest, so you know it's true. 
 I'm still deciding if I should just paint the orange-y tiles that stand out the most with a color that blends well with the other tile; Or if I should paint all of it white.

In my dream world, I would just take out the tile and put in subway tiles, or something pretty.
But, because I'm the diy'er around here. I like to come up with easy solutions.

 Sorry, I'm being a total blabber mouth today.
I usually don't type so much :)
I thought for fun. I'd share some pretty kitchen inspiration for each of the 4 looks below. 

The first look is how it looks today, with the wood stove mount.  A lot of the comments read that you like how the wood warmed up the space.
 Here are some inspiration pictures that have wood in the kitchen.

Now this is one of my favorite.
No, it doesn't have a wood range hood, but, it does have some wood in the room.
 I just love the combination of  navy, wood and white. 
hmmm.....Navy walls perhaps?
Ok, now let's move on to white paint stove mount......aaaahhhhhhh I love white!
I seriously don't think you can go wrong with lots of white in a kitchen.
 Here are my White inspirations:
Gray is always pretty in a kitchen too.
 Here are my inspiration for gray.
Keep in mind,  my cabinets are staying white, I'm only thinking of painting the stove mount.
And lastly, now for a little color inspiration.
So did that change your vote at all?
Ya, it didn't really help me either.

But it sure was fun looking at pretty kitchens, right?

Have a great weekend,



  1. I love, love the wood it's very French country with the mix of wood and whites.. My suggestion would be to paint the wall a creamy / light tone or brighten things up a bit with a white subway tile backsplash.. Best of luck with your decision.

  2. I love, love, love white in a kitchen - so my vote goes for white, BUT if you decide to keep the wood for a while I loved the navy walls in your inspiration photo - it really made everything pop. Or what about trying to do some sort of weathered effect to the wood? You have phenomenal taste, so I know whatever you choose, it will look great. :)

  3. I really like the wood against all that white. Brings in an "old world" quality to the space. I think previous voters and you are so right. But it's totally a beautiful kitchen and you can't go wrong with painting it either.

  4. Do u have tile or wood floors? If you have wood floors I think I would leave it unpainted if it is tile I think I'd paint it white. Your kitchen is very pretty so I'm sure what ever you choose will look fantastic

  5. I'm late on this, but I have to say, I love the wood! (Not exactly what you wanted to hear....) I think it provides an anchor for the room, and there is so much white, it's a nice contrast. I think it really is the tile that is unhappy. Once you paint the tile lighter, I think it will make a world of difference. If you do paint the tile, I hope you do a post on what paint you use and how you do it!
    Cassandra E

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