New Coat Rack In Our Entry Way - Part 2

I know you have been eagerly waiting by your computer for Part 2 of my new coat rack to be posted.... Right?
I knew it!

So here is look  #2

If you didn't catch my last post and have no idea what the heck I am talking about, then let me fill you in.
I picked up an old black coat rack from my dad that he had just laying in the dirt.  I painted it the same color as our living room walls, and then decorated it with my grandma's straw hats.
 But like I mentioned, I have since switched the look of our entry way a few times.
And this is why; When I emptied out our junk drawers (because I am currently re-painting our kitchen cabinets... more on that in another post).  I came across these wooden number tags that I picked up at Micheals months ago. I knew that they would be adorable attached to the coat rack.
How perfect was it that I had five tags and the rack had five hooks?  It was meant to be.
I removed the twine from the tags,

 and attached the tags to the rack using small nails.  
 The collection of straw hats that I had hanging before would have covered the cute tags up,
 so I had to choose other items to hang.
 I picked up the cute peace tote from Rust & Honey
 Have you checked out Rust & Honey yet? They have such awesome stuff.
 I did keep a couple of straw hats still hanging.

 I also switched out the pillow and brought in a small rug.
 And there you have it,  look #2
But guess what?  There is still 1 more look to come!
And let's be honest..... There may even be another after that.
I have a problem.  I decorate too much :)


  P.S. Today just happens to be my 13th Wedding Anniversary. 
---   Lucky #13  ---
I Love this man so much.  He makes me the happiest. 
I thank my lucky stars every day for him.

 I Love you, Jake!