New Coat Rack In Our Entry Way - Part 1

 I've added a new coat rack in our entryway and thought I'd share it with you today.  
The reason why this post is called, part 1, is because I've re-styled this coat rack so many times now since taking these pictures. So just for fun, I thought I'd share all the different looks with you over the next couple of post.

So to begin, I picked this old coat rack up from my folk's property.  I was checking on the chickens with my dad when I spotted this coat rack just laying in the dirt.  I smiled big, and my dad said, "yes, you can have it". Thanks Pops!
 I brought it home, sanded and painted it.
I decided to paint it the same color as the walls. I did this because I wanted it to blend in, rather than have it stand out, which would have been the case if I had painted it in another color.
After the paint was dry, I sanded it down with my hand sander to give it a worn look.
I like the subtle bits of black showing through.
Magically, it just happened to be a perfect fit for our entry way.  
How Lucky was that?
It also looks nice under my canvas print (Post)
I chose to hang up some of my grandma's straw hats from the hooks. I love having these little reminders of her. She was all about living a simple, natural life.
I also moved the bench from across the room and placed it under the coat rack.
I'm kinda surprised I hadn't thought to put the bench here before.  
It is also the perfect size for the space..
 A wicker basket under the bench ties in decorously with the hats.

 But as I mentioned before, I have since switched the look a bit. 

So stay tuned for Part 2



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