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Hi Friends!
Are you all staying cool this summer?  Yesterday our temperature was 109 degrees! That is Hot!
On hot days like that I enjoy staying indoors, sipping on a large glass of lemonade, with a fan blowing in my face, while enjoying some online shopping.
How about you? 
I have discovered a cool new store called,

 Rust & Honey specializes in farmhouse, vintage, and shabby chic home decor.   
I seriously want one of everything that they sell, but my most favorite item in their store is this Hippie Tote. I had to have it the moment I laid eyes on it.

I've been needing a new bag for a while now, but I'm pretty picky about my bags. I like to have outside pockets for my phone and keys so I don't have to go digging for them. So this bag was so perfect for me; not only does it have those outside pockets, but how adorable is the Peace sign on the front? 

And check out the inside lining....  you know how much I love a blue and white stripe.
I love toting around this bag everywhere I go now.

But enough about my bag, here are a few of my other favorites from Rust & Honey:
 As well as this gold feather necklace with a leather cord. I think it would be so fun to wear, and it's currently on sale for a great price.

 Great stuff, right?

Head on over to Rust & Honey to see more!
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