Depoe Bay, Oregon

Last week we were in Depoe Bay, Oregon, one of my most favorite places in the whole entire world.
We love the Oregon coast so much that we head there every year. 
I have so many wonderful memories of our times spent there.
It's our Happy Place for sure :)
So hopefully without boring you too bad, I thought I'd share pictures of our trip....
 and there just happens to be a lot!
We rented this sweet little beach house, which I like to call, "our beach house" since we have stayed here before. It's named, Driftwood.
This is another beach house rental in the neighborhood that I totally fell in love with. It's beautiful and has an ocean front view. It's quite large so it would be perfect to rent if you had a large group of people.
 The views from where we stayed were amazing!

 We spent our days exploring and checking out all of the nearby towns.
 Here are some rock pools we came to, although we wern't lucky enought to find starfish on this trip.
This is Uquina Head Lighthouse located in Newport, which has amazing views.
I had a thing for it's gray door.  
My little Jaxon was on the lookout.
Where you could spot thousands of seabirds on the rocks.
My son, Liam was also on the lookout.
Down from the lighthouse is a special rock beach where driftwood is the only thing you are allowed to take home from the beach. So next to the stairs is a collection of people's found treasures.
The sounds of the waves that come crashing in on this rock beach is out of this world.
 I could sit here all day and listen to it.
 And look at me......collecting more than my share of driftwood :) 
Yaquina Bay is another lighthouse we like to go to.
Which is located near a beautiful big sandy beach. 
It's such a joy watching my boys play in the ocean. They have way too much fun.
One day we headed to Tillamook and grabbed us some ice cream from the Tillamook cheese factory.  It's a tradition we have to do every year.  
Also in Tillamook is another lighthouse which is located in Cape Mears state park.
After a nice little hike you come to this 'Octopus tree', which apparently was planted above a burial ground for a native American and his canoe. It's really cool.
Back at our beach we watched a beautiful sunset.
We spend our last day souvenir shopping and exploring in downtown Depoe Bay.
And then our last morning was spent saying goodbye to the sea. It's always hard to say goodbye.
Like always, we had an amazing time.

I love time spent away with my family, these are the times we will always remember.

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  1. Emily, love love love your photo's! It's so great capturing memories in pictures! Thank You for sharing! I love your beach house, the lighthouses, the ocean, sunset, your boys and most of all you!!

  2. love it! that house is adorable, and you are, too.

  3. What a gorgeous spot - beautiful views! Nothing beats a sunset over the water x

  4. These photos are breathtaking! I feel like I just took a mini vacation :) And your boys are adorable.