Personalized Father's Day Gift

Today's post is brought to you not only by me, but also by my boys, Liam and Jaxon, who are here to help me out today.
Because this post is about a personalized gift that they are giving to their dad for Father's Day, I thought maybe I'd let them explain the details with you.
 Hi! We love our Dad so much and wanted to give him something special for Fathers day,
So we put together this basket for him with things we know he will love.

 We first made this, 'World's Best Dad' mug over at Tiny Prints.
We picked out 3 pictures of us with our dad that we wanted to add to the mug.
It was really fun to create!
 We placed the mug in a metal basket along with a blanket, coffee, and doughnuts.
 Our dad Loves doughnuts!
A magnet with a picture of our dad sticks right onto the metal basket. The magnet was also created at Tiny Prints. Our refrigerator is filled with photo magnets, you can see it in here.
 We think our dad is going to like the mug the very best.
 But we know he is going to think the whole basket is Awesome.
The blanket is super-super soft and it even has his initials on it.

He's going to love cuddling in it when he watches football.

The blanket is also from Tiny Prints,

We can't wait to give this gift basket to our dad for Father's Day!
It is going to make him so Happy!

Thank you for stopping by today,

Liam & Jaxon

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