Make your own Sherwin Williams color swatch fan deck

I have a confession to make. I am a paint swatch hoarder! It's true, I have hundreds of them thrown into a basket, not to mention the numerous color swatch fan decks I own.

But I'm guessing I'm not the only one, are you guilty of hoarding paint swatches too?
There are just so many options out there; different brands and different colors. 
Options are nice, however too many choices can really drive me nuts sometimes, 
but in a good way.
Well, I just made my collection of paint swatches even bigger!!!
If you follow me on Instagram then you may remember how excited I was to walk into Lowes and discover that they now carry Sherwin Williams paint.

I immediately started pulling a bunch of the HGTV Home color swatches that spoke to me.
I paint and re-paint so often that I figure these will be really useful to have on hand.

And when I say I pulled a bunch... I mean 30!  Yes, I picked out 30 colors that spoke to me :)
Then I brought my swatches home and laid them out by color; lightest to darkest.
I took a key ring and placed it through the little house hole on the bottom of the cards.  I'm sure that's what the house hole is for anyway, Right? So convenient!
I now have my very own HGTV Home-Sherwin Wiliams color swatch fan deck. 
It's full of all the colors I like, and none that I don't.

Now what to paint next?



  1. Thanks Emily, that is one really clever idea! I, too, am a paint chip hoarder, so this will be brilliant! Thanks again!
    Liz (Australia).


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