Displaying Memories on the Refrigerator

Today I want to share a creative way how I have turned our boring blank refrigerator into something special.
The refrigerator is the one spot in the home that receives the most traffic; especially in our home with two growing boys. So I saw our blank refrigerator as an opportunity to showcase some of our favorite family photographs; a place to look at fond memories when reaching for the milk in the mornings.
And I have to say, these little reminders of  life's greatest joys has really become 
the highlight of my day.

I went through our photos and thoughtfully picked out ones that bring back pleasant memories.
Each and every one of these pictures puts a bright happy smile on my face.

I then went online to Tiny Prints and customized all of our photos into various sizes of magnets.

These Live, Laugh, Love magnets are a favorite of mine. 
Once I received my magnets, I was so excited to get them hung up.
They instantly livened up our whole kitchen.
To add a little something more to the refrigerator, I also placed a few lightweight frames around some of the pictures. This gave the overall look a bit of texture and added dimension.

The frames were first spray painted a light gray-blue. They use to be silver, but I liked the idea of giving them a pop of color. I then  hot glued magnet strips to the backs of the frames. I am pleasantly surprised at how well they adhere to the refrigerator.
My refrigerator now sort of reminds me of an over-sized collage picture frame.
My family really has been enjoying the new look. My boys like to re-arrange all of the magnets.

Sometimes I find myself getting lost in a daze looking at the fridge.
It's my new happy place.

It's always the little things that can bring the most joy.
Thanks for stopping by today,



  1. I love this. I would have never thought to display photos this way on the refrigerator - it's like a refrigerator gallery wall. :)

  2. So nea t and sweet. I miss the days of my crowded fridge