Decorating with bottles

One of my favorite things to collect are glass bottles.
As you may have notice, I tend to decorate with them quite a bit.
I think my collection of bottles lend a relaxed, no-fuss beachy vibe to my decorating.
Here I have placed my collection of bottles along my mantle.

Each bottle has a different story to tell; whether I picked it up at an antique store, found it washed up on the beach, or was given to me by someone wanting to add to my collection.
 I love them all!
My newest addition is the beautiful turquoise one.  It was a gift from some of my loved ones.
Along with my glass bottles, I have also displayed a few glass vases and tall white candles.
And then to add a little bit of texture, I wrapped rope around the neck of one of the bottles.

I just love the variety of sea-glass colors.  
Which some of them have actually come from the sea.

I think the bottles tie in perfectly with the rest of the room.

What type of things do you enjoy collecting?

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  1. I love the simplicity and beauty of this! I LOVE bottles but can never seem to know what to do with them. It doesn't help that we live in a rental so I don't really have the house the way I want it. I have been following you for a couple of years so I can go back and look at everything when we move into our forever home!

  2. You gave me an idea...I just bought an old dirty at the bottom bottle with a neat glass stopper that I can't get I'm going to wrap the bottom in twine. The glass stopper is the cool feature anyway. Thanks for the nudge

  3. I love the blues of the bottles, and the clearness. I also ADORE your home!