A Must-See Before & After!! Our Home's Original, After, and Current Pictures.

Guess what I got my hands on?

Pictures of our home about 10 years ago before it's big remodel.
I recently met a gal in our neighborhood named, Sue.  Well come to find out, her brother, Dustin was the one to come in and remodel this house.
I know....small town.
Our house was originally built in 1924. Dustin came in and updated it; working his magic in every room. He gutted the kitchen, added all of the beautiful woodwork, refinished the basement, as well as the attic, adding an additional 800 square foot to the house.
Dustin then sold it to the previous owner in 2006, who then sold it to us in 2013.

Sue brought me these before and after pictures of the house. We have had so much fun looking at them.  I am still blown away every time I see them.

You are not going to  believe the transformation!
So without further ado, I'm going to show you our home room by room.  First a picture of the  Original look, second, a picture of the After the renovation, and third, how it currently looks.
Here we go!

The Sunroom Originally:

 The Sunroom After:
The Sunroom Currently:
 The other side of the Sunroom Originally:
 The other side of the Sunroom After:
The other side of the sunroom Currently:

French doors Originally:
 French doors After:
 French doors Currently:
Living room Originally:
 Living room After:
Living room Currently:
Fireplace Originally:
Fireplace After:
 Fireplace Currently:

Dining room Originally - and what a color!
 Dining room After:
 Dining room Currently:
Dining room Originally:
Notice the walls above the hutches? .......
 They were removed.
Dining room After - I just love all of the woodwork and trim Dustin added.
 Dining room Currently:
Dining room  (leading into kitchen) Originally:
 Dining room (leading into kitchen) After:
Notice how much bigger the doorway is now?

Dining room (leading into kitchen) Currently:
 Now check this out!
This is my Kitchen Originally:
 I would have never in a million years guessed that this was once my kitchen.

The Kitchen After:
 The Kitchen Currently:
(I am planning to make a few changes in here soon, so stay tuned for updates).
Kitchen Originally:
See the doorway on the right? It led to a hallway that is no longer there.
 Kitchen After:
 Kitchen Currently:
Kitchen nook Originally:
 Kitchen nook After:
 Kitchen Nook Currently:
Kitchen window Originally:
 Kitchen window After
 Kitchen window Currently:
Kitchen hutch area Originally:
Built-in hutch After:
Kitchen built-in hutch Currently:
Pantry Originally:
Pantry After:
Pantry Currently:
(one day I will get it all organized and show you the inside)
Bedroom Originally:
I must admit, I kinda wish both closets were still there. My boys share this room and we could really use the extra storage.
Bedroom After:
The second closet was made into a built-in desk. And a window bench/reading nook was added.
Boy's bedroom Currently:

Basement Originally:
Basement After:
We love the built-in entertainment center.
I wish I had pictures of the basement currently to share with you.
However, this is the boy's domain and I am not allowed to decorate it.  I know, so sad. I want to get me hands all over this room.  But we had an agreement and I'm a girl of my word.  

Stairwell leading down stairs Originally:
(I can't believe there was once a window there).
Stairwell leading downstairs After:
Ok now this is Really Really Exciting!!!
This is the Master Bedroom Suite Originally!!
Completely unused space.
The master bedroom After:
The Master bedroom Currently:
 The new stairwell leading upstairs After:
The stairway leading upstairs Currently:
Closet After :
Closet Currently:
Storage closet area After:
 Storage closet area Currently:

Stairway looking down After:
Stairway looking down Currently:
Yes, I just so happen to have a picture of our house in all of the same angles. Kinda funny!
Mater bathroom vanity After:
Master bathroom vanity Currently:
Master shower After:
Master shower Currently:
Bathroom sink After:
Bathroom sink Currently:
Toilet area After:
Toilet area Currently:
Laundry closet Originally:
Which then was turned into the stairwell leading upstairs.
The laundry room is now located in the basement.  I'll get that room fixed up and share it another day as well.

Bottom of the stairwell After:
Which is where I currently store all of out extra blankets.
Main bathroom Originally:
Main bathroom After:
Main bathroom Currently:

Main bathroom After:
Main bathroom Currently:
 Main bathroom Originally:

Main bathroom After:
Main bathroom Currently:

And that's it!
I wish there were also pictures of the exterior, but there's not.

Wasn't that fun?
I don't think I have ever has so much fun putting together a blog post before.
I have really enjoyed pulling together all of my pictures to compare them with the originals. 
 I am so thankful to get to live in this beautiful home with all of the love and care that was put into it.

I hope you have enjoyed the tour as well.

What do you think?  Should I re-paint the dining room pink?

Thanks for stopping by, 




  1. I absolutely love your home and how fun to see those pictures!

  2. Wow, your house has come a long way baby! (not sure you're old enough to get that reference, lol!) I think you need to work with Dustin...he renovates and you decorate!

  3. So fun! Maybe you could hire Dustin to put that second closet back in the boys' room. :)

  4. WOW!! How long did this take and how much money was spent? Did you do all the work yourself? Many questions Looks amazing you must love your house!

  5. Your house is beautiful! You have such a creative eye for decorating. Can I ask what color blue on your walls and white on your furniture that you use? Your home is so bright and airy. :)

  6. I love before-and-after pictures and these are some great ones. Dustin did a great job on the remodel but like the previous comments, you have "tweaked" it nicely....You have made a beautiful home.....

  7. I just found your site your home is beautiful you have done a terrific job! The woodwork is fabulous!!! May I ask what color your current walls are, I love them!

  8. Stopped by from Hometalk. Beautiful house transformation!! Looking forward to following you.

  9. So fun! I wish I had pictures of my house before the previous owner came in and painted everything in the oddest colors (and let's not mention the horrible tile job and getting rid of the original craftsman details!!!).

  10. What a treat to have those before and after photos! Good for you!
    Your home looks wonderfully comfortable and classy -- a great combination. Thank you for sharing it. Always inspiring to see what others have done!

  11. I love your paint colors! What colors did you paint the living room and sunroom? --Chelsea

  12. I have just found your blog and your home is absolutely charming!!! I love all the light airy beachy touches you've added - completely lovely!!!!

  13. I don't think there was one picture that I DIDN'T like! Absolutely gorgeous! I liked how you added a "in-between" picture to really show the transformation. You have a true talent :)

  14. This is the coolest thing ever!!!! It does my ocd so good to see old things go from 'yikes' to looking 'oh so nice'! Dusty did so great fixing the house up and you topped it off with amazing talent! I always thought I liked neutral taupe walls, but your blues are so refreshing! How cool that you got the before pics of your home! I grew up in an early 1900's home and my parents made some minor updates to it and had antique furniture handed down through the generations to them. I love all things old and antique. They just don't make things like they used to. I think it would be so fun to fix up and flip the fun old houses in this town. So so cool.

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment. Aren't those before pictures fun? I'm so thankful for them. I also find so much charm is things that are old, including houses. I always want to fix them ALL UP too!!!


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