New Shower Curtain in our Main Bath

I know, exciting stuff happening over here! A new shower Curtain!
I get so excited over the smallest details.

It wasn't all that long ago that I shared pictures of our main bathroom makeover.
But at that time I had simply just hung a cotton tablecloth up as a shower curtain, 
knowing one day I would switch it out when I found something I liked better.
Well.... The other day while I was browsing Target, I spotted this one:
 I have a thing for navy and white stripes, so it grabbed my attention right off the bat.
And because this bathroom is used the most by my two boys, 
I knew it would be perfect for them.

I also knew it would be the perfect match for all of the blue tile in the room;
 The floor tile....
and the blue tile on the counter top.
 The bathroom has a little cubby with built in shelves, which I love to decorate.
 My mother in law gave me this cute framed printout for my birthday.  It's one of her favorite quotes.  I think it fits nicely into the room.
 Something kind of fun and unique in the room,
 is that I just used a cute little plate as a soap dish. 
It's kind of a fun way to bring in some cottage charm.

On the counter is also a few old jars.
 The smallest of them is holding an air plant.... 
I can't believe how easy this has been to keep alive. 
 I see more air plants in my future.
I love how something as simple as a new shower curtain can change the whole look of a room.
That is why I get so excited over all the little details.
It's the details that define a room and make it feel special.

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  1. I love this bathroom! So many cool details! I love Target too!

  2. i love the shelving in this bathroom and that curtain is perfect!

  3. Your bath is so cute...the new curtain is just the right thing!

  4. I agree,,,it is all in the details!! Love your shower curtain and how it really ties the room together!

  5. What a darling bathroom! I love blue + white!

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