Valentine Heart Arrows

I realized our home didn't have any Valentine decorations going on.
So I through together these 
Valentine Heart Arrows.
Tacked them to the fridge.
And now we are all ready for the big V-Day!

You may remember I made these arrows here out of clothespins and bamboo skewers.
(Tutorial HERE)
I had used them as Christmas tree decorations this last year.
To turn our Christmas arrows into Valentines arrows, I simply cut out some hearts and attached them to the arrows.
I used a heart coaster to trace out the hearts, but you can use whatever heart shape thing you have, maybe a cookie cuter, or simply just free hand it.
Next I folded the heart in half and punched a hole in the center.
Then I cut a slit from the outside of the heart to the new punched hole. I did this on both sides.
Now with the slits, I was able to place the heart around the arrow.  I then taped up the slits.
I used poster tack to adhere the arrows to our fridge.
And I have been actually really surprised that they have held up so well.  They have yet to fall off. This stuff is Awesome!
I placed the arrow hearts on our fridge, but they would also look cute on the wall, a door, or maybe even on a gift bag, or possibly a box of chocolates.

I hope that you all have a 
Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. Love your blog! It's so pretty! Following! Follow back? :)

  2. Love your blog! It's so pretty! Following! Follow back? :)