Painted Exterior Front Door

Happy Presidents day!
I hope you all have something fun planned for today. 
It's been strangely warm here the last few weeks.  So I am hoping to get outside with my boys and do a little yard work.
Anyway, like I promised, today I'm sharing our painted exterior front door.

Before it was Red.  
Nothing against red, but both neighbors also have red doors, so I was wanting ours to be a little different. And after painting our back door this blue,  I knew I wanted to paint the front door as well.
 I can't believe how much it changed the whole look of our house. It now looks so much more us. 
 It kind of has a beachy look to it, which you know I love.
 I'm now thinking I want to paint all of the dark green trim in a fresh white. Agree?
I was thinking of waiting until the front of the house greened up a bit before I shared pictures of it.  
It will all look so much nicer when the grass is greener and the plants and flowers are growing.... but it is February after all.  And I was just too excited to not share.  
I'm also thinking that that tree is probably dead and will need to be removed. 
And we have a few cracks in our porch and sidewalk and that will one day get replaced as well.
SO let's just focus on the door...Okay!
 I brought out one of our houseplants and placed this thrift store wreath on the door to liven up the porch a bit.

And I'm very happy with it.
Okay so I have been getting a ton of questions asking about the color of the door.
Here it is:

I have now painted both sides of the front door, as well as the back door in this same color. 
 However, keep in mind that depending on the lighting and the camera setting and editing,  it does appear slightly different in each picture. 

To see more of the interior front door - see this Post.
To see more of the exterior back door - see this Post and this Post

And I'm done painting doors for now!!! Because I'm currently choosing a color to paint the living room....again!
I've always got to be painting something.....whats wrong with me :)

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  1. emily, i love your door !!! love greetings from angie

  2. I love it! And I think painting all the green trim white would brighten up the outside of your house like it did the inside and give it that fresh clean beachy feel that is all you. <3

  3. Some of the smallest and cheapest DIY projects, like repainting the walls of some rooms, have helped transform my home’s appearance from the inside out. And they added resale value, too. I love your door. I am thinking of painting mine soon. I would leave the trim the same color, really helps make the door pop.

    Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock


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