Jamberry Nails

Oh My Gosh!
Have you guys heard of Jamberry Nails?
They are so fun!
My friend, Kendra sent me some to try out and I love them!
 Jamberry nails are vinyl wraps that adhere to your nails. They come in so many different colors and patterns, and they are super easy to apply.

You can apply them to all of your nails for a full manicure or just on a few nails as an accent,
which is what I did.
 They even have them for your toes!
 I took a 7 day challenge where I took a picture on Day 1, right after I applied the Jambery nail and a picture 7 days later. As you can see my nail polish was practically all worn off but the jamberry nail was still perfect!
You guys have to try these Jamberry nails.
You can even gather up some friends and host a party if you want.

For more information on Jamberry nail wraps, visit my friend Kendra's website

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  1. these are so fun...my nails are usually so short, but love the thought of cool toes!


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