Styling a Coffee Table with New Plants

Hello Friends!
I just thought I'd take a break from painting trim to share with you my coffee table.
Because it is winter, everything kinda starts to feel a little bit depressing.  
Do you agree?
 The trees are all bare, it's cold and gloomy, and some days the sun doesn't even make a peek.
This is always the time of year that I load up on Vitamin D and start dreaming of Spring time.
I have found that by bringing in a few extra house plants, it really helps to liven up our home.
 Now I'm not the best plant grower around :)
 So....I have discovered the discounted section in all of my favorite stores that sell plants.
 A lot of stores will reduced the price of plants that may need a little extra TLC.  Either the plants need to be re-potted, or maybe they need a little more sunshine.  Whatever the reason, I like to think I can save them.  And well, then if the plants don't make was on its way out anyway, Right?
I picked these two little plants up at Fred Meyers, and at Lowe's.  I have bought a few more plants as well, and so far they are all surviving.   
The cute little green enamel pots are from Hobby Lobby, also half price.
I have simply re-potted one of the plants, dividing it between the two new pots.
 Now it has more room to grow.
I then had fun styling my coffee table, giving it a fresh new look.  I layered my tray with books, candles, and some of my favorite little things, like a sweet little dish and some rocks.
 I know I've mentioned before, but I absolutely love burning incense.  
They give off such a natural and calming scent.
Now, I know the smoke is a little harsh for some people,  but I have found that by just placing a few un-lit sticks around the house, they still give off that great scent, without being over powering. 
You should give it a try.
I love sitting on the couch and admiring my little tray of happiness.  
It's a good way to shake off those winter blues.
Okay, now back to painting! Soooo much trim to paint!

 Thanks for stopping by,


Thoughts from Alice


  1. Love your table arrangement...colors you put together are great!! Paint on!!

  2. I hope the trim painting is going well! It's good to take breaks! Your coffee table is so sweet. I'm a religious plant killed despite my best efforts. This time of year I really hunker down and spend time with my houseplants since I miss the outdoors.

  3. oh they look fabulous!!!! love the fresh greens!

  4. Love the new plants. I need to get some more, house is so bare.


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