Painting trim

Today's post is not too exciting, but it's what I have been working on lately, and so I thought I'd give you all an update.
I'm currently painting all of the woodwork in our home.
 As you can see from the above picture, all of the woodwork use to be a cream color, 
(Kelly Moore - Almond Sugar).  
And now I am painting it in a bright, fresh, white. The white paint I am using now is an Olympic brand off-the-shelf white.  Now a little about the paint, it's what I used in our bathroom makeover and really liked it.  Although I just ran out, so when I went to Lowe's to buy more, the gentlemen working there told me that I couldn't use that paint for trim since it was only a "base" and that I needed to add white to it ?? hu? So I had him add a white tint. Well when I got home and tried the new paint it looked grayish-white.  So now I've got to go return the paint and buy what I had originally planned on getting in the first place, an off-the-shelf-white-base paint.  
Do any of you know, does it matter that I'm NOT tinting my base paint?  I really don't care, I love the bright white, so therefore I'm going for it.
 So far I only have the hallway completed. 
But I'm loving it so much that I'm kicking myself for not painting it in the first place.
 When we bought the home, the cream woodwork was all  next to a darker tan color, so it actually did already look pretty white.  It hasn't been since recently that I've notice it being a bit too bland.
I can't believe how much the white is changing the whole look.
 And now with the woodwork all a bright white, the color on the walls are looking a bit bland. So I have tacked up a sample of Benjamin Moore - Gray Lake.  It's the color I had originally planned to paint the walls.  I like it, but I am going to also try out some other colors as well.  
And I'm sure you are all thinking, "It All Looks The Same!"...Ha Ha.  In person though, there is a difference, I promise!
 Now that the hallway is almost complete, I'm headed into the living-dining area.
I can't wait to freshen these rooms up with some bright white.
So Before:                and                         Before:
 However,  when we moved in I decided to match up the cream trim color to the paint for the kitchen cabinets.  So after I finish painting the living-dining area, I'm thinking I'll want to re-paint the cabinets in a fresh white as well.

Fun! Fun!
Why do I always start the New Year off with such Huge Projects?
Here's to a bright-er future!

Thank you for stopping by today,



  1. Isn't white a funny "color"? Our white is actually off of a green card but doesn't look green at all. The tones just went well with everything else in the house so we've used it ever since. (BM Snowfall White). So I say stick to your guns!

  2. Adding the tint only makes the paint a bit more opaque and it is not necessary if you like the color of the base. I have used the regular base white for painting my signs for years and just recently started to have the tint added. We live in a small community with a small hardware store so I am quite well known to the paint counter lady, she is very well versed in paint and she told me that about adding the tint. Benjamin Moore Simply White is most likely what you would be looking for in a tinted version of white, it is the same tint as the base white. I like their Natura brand as it has no odor/VOCs but excellent coverage.

  3. Goodness, it seems like you'll be painting non-stop for a least the next month. It does make a big difference though and I would do it also. I like the new wall color you have picked out - - more true grey I think.

  4. I love the white trim,,,,I have Benjamin Moore Grey Owl as my wall color and I love it! Have fun painting!! It will look awesome!

  5. The white is so fresh and beautiful! Happy painting!

  6. The white color is looking niche for house painting. It's really looks amazing. I am very happy to know about that. Thank for this shearing...

  7. Thank you for shearing that all of painting pictures. All wall panting and Room decoration is very beautiful. Looking very nice.

  8. Love it! I want to do the exact same thing in our house. We painted all of our taupe trim "white" ten years ago, but we used BM Linen White, which is very creamy. Now, I'm ready for WHITE, not cream. :) The sad thing is, that we just painted our kitchen cabinets, which took forever..., and of course, we matched them to the Linen White trim. Ugh. I made that decision because we were planning to sell and we just wanted it done, but now we've decided to stay, and I'm really not happy with the cream cabinets. My husband swore he would never EVER paint cabinets again, so... looks like we'll be saving up for a while to hire a painter. ;)

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