How I Paint French Doors

 I am done painting all of the woodwork and trim in our hallway, living room, and dining room.
It only took me two weeks to finish.
 It was a lot of work, but I am so Happy with the outcome. 
As you may remember from HERE, all of the woodwork in our home use to be a cream color,  and now it is a bright, fresh white.
It looks so much better now.
Today, I thought I'd share how I painted the french doors.
One of the reasons I was holding off on painting all of the woodwork and trim for so long, was because it seemed like it would be such a huge project. Not only does our living area have a lot of woodwork, but there is also a lot of details that needed to be painted as well, like the windows, the hutches and these french doors.
And then the day came where I just decided to go for it. I also decided to go about it in the easiest way possible.
 I didn't want to take the time to tape off  all of the window panels. 
I rarely ever use painters tape. I actually don't think it works very good.  I always end up with paint under the tape somehow anyway.
  Instead I use my method, "Wipe as you go".
 Here's how my "Wipe As You Go" method works.
You paint around the window, cutting in with your paint brush, while trying not to get too much paint on the glass...if possible.
 Then using a damp paper towel, place it over your fingers and wipe up all the wet paint off of the glass.   You will need to get a new damp paper towel every so often. 
And don't worry about any light smears,  they can all be buffed off with a dry paper towel in the end.
I have also heard of another method where you let the paint dry and then scrape it off with a razor blade.  However, that still seemed like too much work for me.
I believe that the "wipe as you go" method is really the best one. 
I also was careful to wipe off all of the old original hardware as well.
I used this same method when painting my corner hutches in the dining room.
By the way, I never realized just how great my collection of white dishes was until I emptied my hutches and grouped it all together. 
I guess I kinda have a thing for white dishes.
 I've picked a lot of it up at yard sales and thrift stores. But it's usually just a dish here, and a cup there and then I bring it home and place it in the hutches.  So it was kinda surprising to see it all together.
And this is not even all of it. 
Anyway, like I said, I'm so happy to be finished painting all of the woodwork and trim in the main area of our home.
However,  I now want to repaint the walls, and then head into the kitchen to repaint the trim in there as well as all of the cabinets. And then make my way into the office to paint the trim in there......

But for now, I'm giving myself a little break from painting to enjoy the work I have done....and to give my dirty, neglected house a good overhaul cleaning.

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  1. Emily I love the white and your curtains are so fresh looking against it.
    I am the same paint one room then all the others look like they need doing. Sit back and enjoy your work.

  2. I'm excited I found your blog, I'm a new follower

  3. Wipe as you go! I like it! It's amazing how big an impact the trim color makes. Way to go! Everything looks fantastic! Enjoy!

  4. Looking good! I have never even thought of using your technique but it's brilliant and I can wait to try it out.

  5. Great tip! The trim is looking nice and fresh!

  6. The wipe as you go is my tried and true method too! I've also found that using a short handle, angled paintbrush helps to make less wiping.

  7. I love your french doors! Swoon. Everything is so fresh and bright!

  8. Colourful French doors are looks great. you can also use Aluminium French doors.


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