Thoughtful His/Her Christmas Gifts.

 I may have an ounce of craftiness in me, but that's only because I got it from my mom. 
 My mom is the queen of craftiness.  Growing up, I watched as she thoughtfully put together gifts and handouts. She always adds such a special touch to everything she does.  
So today I thought I'd share the sweet little gifts she gave us for Christmas.
 All of her daughters and daughter-in-laws received a beautifully wrapped gift of 
Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. 
Inside the box was a paper scroll that reads this scripture:
A small burlap sack held the Gold. 
 The Frankincense was this incredible smelling hand soap,  which is my new favorite. I just love it.
 And the Myrrh is bath salts in a glass bottle.
All labeled in that special touch of my mom.

Ok, Now for the gift to all of her sons and son's in law.
An adorable candy filled tackle box.
 She took a plastic organizer and filled it with fishing gear.
 The fishing gear being candy; gummy worms, gummy fishes and lemon heads. And then she added a package of goldfish crackers and a bobber.
 And Oh my Gosh! How cute is this card?
 I love the fishing adornments.  The 20 dollar bill was a nice touch as well. 
Here is what the inside of the vest says:

So ya, these gifts were just too cute to not share.
Thanks Mom!

And thank you all for stopping by today,



  1. These are amazingly creative gifts!! Pinning now (for next year).:)

  2. Super cute and creative gifts! So thoughtful!


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