Our Christmas Cards

 Do you send out Christmas cards?
I know not everyone does, but we do.  I think it's nice to let the people we love know that we are thinking of them during the holidays.  I also really enjoy receiving them in the mail, and hanging them up to display, as you may  remember from this Post.
Now, I know there are a lot of really nice companies that print up the most adorable cards ever,  but I actually really enjoy making them myself.
This year, I found these cards at Target.  
 My husband then came up with the idea of having our pictures look like they were from a photo booth. 
We had so much fun taking these pictures.  We put on funny hats, we made a lot of goofy faces,  but in the end we picked the ones where we were just simply smiling....but oh my goodness, we have a whole lot of extra funny ones.  I'll have to think of something else to do with those ones.
 I edited the pictures in both color and in black and white. 
I used an online photo editor called, Ribbet. It has a photo effect called, true vintage, that gave our pictures the neat photo booth border. Perfect for just the look we were going for.
I then printed the pictures out, and glued them onto the cards.
  All of our friends and family should be receiving their cards soon.
And if you don't..... Then we're not friends.....Just Kidding! It means I don't have an address for you, so you need to send it to me :)

Thanks you all for stopping by,



  1. Oh I truly love them......happy holidays

  2. How creative! Those are the cutest christmas cards I've ever come across. I'll have to check ribbet out!


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