New Years Tree

 Have you taken your Christmas tree down yet?
I know some of you have already and I get it.  Christmas is over and sometimes it starts to feel a little cluttered with all of the extra "stuff" lying around.
Well, my husband always likes to leave our tree up until after the new year....Which also happens to be his birthday :)
The sparkling tree just kinda adds something special to the celebrations.
So anyway, I thought it might be fun to give our tree a New Years Party look.
I first took down all of our Christmas ornaments and then I picked up all of these decorations at Target for 50% off.
My favorite being these colorful yarn stars.
I then added a tissue flower garland that I have had for years.  
Tissue paper flowers would look just as cute. 
(You can find lots of tutorials by googling "tissue paper flowers")
I added a strand of colorful lights onto the tree.
 I also got out all of our New Years decorations to add to the tree.  So will fill find New years hats, horns, balloons, noise makers and streamers on this tree.

 Christmas might be over, but the new years partying has just begun! 
 Even our Bull is getting in on the fun.

 Thanks for stopping by.
If I'm not back by Thursday,  
I wish you all a Happy New Year!

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Here's to a Happy 2015!



  1. dear emily, a wonderful start into the new year I wish them !!! love all of angie from Germany

  2. what fun !! i love what you did for New Years .........ox

  3. Ha! Your bull head is hilarious! I love the transition of the tree. It's so sweet of you to leave it up and deck it out for his birthday!