New Years Champagne Flutes

Can you all believe that the New Year is almost here? Isn't it so exciting!
With the beginning of a new year comes so many hopes and dreams for the future. 
Now is the time to stop and think of what you wish the new years brings and plan some resolutions to make those wishes come true. 
A few years back I shared this idea of fabric scrap wrapped champagne flutes.
I think it's a cute idea so I decided to re-post it.
How fun will it be to toast the new year with such a fun glass.
All you need is some fun colorful fabric scraps.
Next you will tear the fabric into strips about a foot or so bigger.
Then just simply wrap  the fabric strip around the stem of the glass and tie in a knot.
Not only are these super cute, they will also help identify your glass at a party.

I know it's a little soon,  but I wish you all a 
Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy New Year, Emily! Such an easy and pretty way to use up fabric scrap for sure!