Last Minute Neighbor Gifts

 Over the weekend we braved the pouring rain and passed out gifts to our neighbors. 
It was such a simple gift, yet really cute, so I thought I'd share that with you today.  
I figured it may help someone out who may be in need of some last minute ideas.
I picked all of this up at Target.

I first came across the cookie mixes.  At first I thought about making cookies, but then I decided the packaging was really cute. And it may be fun to give as a "baking gift"
So I found some adorable pokadot potholders,  And what was so neat about these is that they have a little pocket in them, perfect for the cookie mix.
 In the dollar section at Target, I found these cute cardboard tags.  I think they really added a special touch to the gift.
 I also tucked in one of our Christmas cards,

So there you go,  super simple!
However, my husband brought up the fact that it may be kinda rude to give away cookie mix and not actual cookies.  
It's kinda like saying, "Here, make your own cookies!"  
Ha Ha Ha.
What do you think?  Was the "mix" rude?

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  1. No, NOT rude, IMO - a very charming gift!

  2. What a great idea! Rude? No way! Everyone likes to bake cookies at Christmas! Even me!

  3. Emily I think it is a fab gift. And I love the red and gift tag. I might steal your idea for next year.
    Sending Christmas Wishes.

  4. Great gift idea! Not rude at all...with all the baked goods floating around this week, they can stash it away for another time so it's perfect!

  5. It is an adorable and thoughtful gift! The families can make cookies together so you have provided them with a fun Christmas activity..nothing rude about it! :)

  6. Too cute! And no, I don't think it's rude at all... but I did laugh at your husband's comment since it sounds exactly like something MY husband would say!
    Happy Holidays to you and yours ~Chris

  7. A lot of people Ive talked to said they'd throw it away a bakes gift from a neighbor because "you never know what they did to it." I think that's aweful, but this would ensure they wouldn't just discard of it.

  8. I think it is really cute and any gift given with a thoughtful heart is kind! I think Hubby's take on it is funny though!


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