Jingle bell Magnets

 I always enjoy receiving Christmas cards in the mail.   It's so nice to go out to the mailbox and find personal addressed letters from friends and family rather than just a pile of bills and junk mail.
 Christmas cards are almost like little mini Christmas gifts all month long.
I also love to display the Christmas cards in our home. So this year I decided to hang them onto this old window screen that I picked up over the summer at a barn that was being torn down.
Instead of using  just any simple ol magnets. I wanted to create something a little more festive.
That is how I came up with the idea to create Jingle Bell Magnets.
 I first picked up a package of the jingle bells at our local dollar store.  Well, actually I picked up several packages of these sweet little bells.  I have the rest hanging on our Christmas tree, but I keep thinking of more and more ideas to do with them; tie them onto a piece of string to create a garland, fill up a jar with them, and place a candle in the middle. etc..etc.
The large magnets are from Hobby Lobby.

Now I could have glued the magnets onto the bells,  but instead I just simply let them magnetize themselves together, at least for now, I still my glue them if I need to.
These would also look adorable on your fridge,  I'm sure they would even *Jingle* every time you opened it up.
The cute old window screen hangs above the vintage children's desk in our office/sunroom.
I have hung some garlands and a bell ornament onto the window screen 
 On the desk is an old drawer full of writing paper, easily accessible for writing Santa Claus a letter.
 I love how excited my boys get about Christmas.
They have  had fun helping me decorate our home for the Holiday.

Lot's more to come!
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  1. This is my favorite Christmas idea in all of Blogland so far!! Pinning now. . .

  2. danke für die bilder!!! eine schöne woche wünscht angie

  3. Emily you always have the cutest projects. I love your magnets - - what a fun way to use them and feel festive at the same time. I love it. Adore the bell ornament also. I have a similar one that I found last Christmas and I was so excited to get it out again this year.

  4. Wow...I never even thought about window screens being magnetic!


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