Painted Back Door

A week or two ago, when it was a nice fall day,  I painted our back door. 
Today as I blog, it is less then 10 degree's outside and snowy.
So, I guess I painted our door at the perfect time, otherwise it would be a project that would just have to wait until spring.
And honestly, I'm not sure why it took me so long to paint it in the first place, 
turns out it's a very simple project.
Seriously, it's that simple!
1 hour + 1 sample size of paint = A beautiful, cheery, welcome.
(Honestly, I think the whole process look even less than an hour)

The back door before:
 It wasn't even painted good in the first place. It needed a second coat, it had a bad texture to it,  and they had even painted all over the door knob. 
 And as you can see, my dog likes to scratch the heck out of it, trying to inform us all when she wants in - I still need to figure out how to put a stop to that.
So the first thing I did was give the whole door a light sanding using my little hand sander.
I then used blue painters tape, and taped around the door knob and over the bottom black rubber piece.
Here is the sample paint that I'm talking about.
You can pick one of these up at Lowes for just a couple bucks. However, I'm sure any home improvement/paint store will have these.
I just happen to be a huge fan of Valspar paint found at Lowes.
This color is called, Night Scape.
And actually it's leftover from the wall hook I painted  in my boy's Minecraft room.
So that just goes to show you how far this little sample size goes.
I poured the paint into a tray.
And then I just brushed the paint on using a large paint brush.
I'm short so I had to use a stool to get the top of the door.
 I let it dry for about 20 minutes and then gave it a second coat. All the time, leaving the door cracked open as to not mess up the fresh paint.

Now a few things I should add, The Valspar sample paint is an indoor, satin finish paint.  So I still need to go over the door with a semi-gloss sealer to protect it from the elements.  But that will have to wait another day.
Also, I was painting a dark color over a dark color, so obviously using a light color over a dark one will require an extra coat.

Here is a sneak peek at what the back door looks like now.
 I'm excited to share more with you all next time.

Our front door is also painted red,  but now I think I'll paint it this same blue, since I love it so much.
Again,  another day:)
Thanks for stopping by,



  1. liebe emily, das sieht gut aus!!! liebe grüße und einen schönen abend von angie

  2. Pretty color you chose and I love the door!

  3. It looks great! I love hearing about easy paint projects (I hate to paint but do it anyway, heheh.)

  4. The new color looks great!

    P.S. If you want to protect the door from dog scratches, you can pick up a kick-plate at the hardware store. Typically they're installed horizontally across the bottom but there's no reason you can't install it vertically.

  5. Emily, fantastic colour, Love these sort of blue. And your decoration is fantastic. What a great last picture with the snow and the old pair of skies!!! Oh I realy love that!
    All my best from Austria and a happy happy time


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