Kitchen Chair Makeover

As you may recall me saying, I traded kitchen tables and chairs with my MIL a while back.
Mine seemed to be a better fit for her home....hers mine.
Well I have been up in the air trying to decide what to do with this bad boy.
And I'm still not sure what to do with the table, I'm either going to strip and stain it, or paint it white.

I did however decide what to do on the chairs.
I stepped completely out of my comfort zone and painted them black.
I love these chairs. They are unique because of their short backs.
 I especially love the two end captain chairs, which have arms.
All I did was give them a good wipe down and then spray painted them in a Semi-gloss black paint by Rust-Oleum (my favorite spray paint).

I sprayed them leaving a hint of the wood peeking through.  I liked the idea of them looking more like they were stained black rather than painted.

So now onto the table.......hum?? What to do? What to do?

In the mean time, I'll be back soon to show you more of our dining room.

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  1. I wouldn't have given the set a second look before but it looks awesome now!

  2. what a difference paint makes- they look fab in your space!

  3. I think a wood table would look best with the black chairs. :)

  4. We have the same Windsor captains chairs! Love your vintage set.

  5. Just discovered your site and I love it! and What a beautiful transformation. It is so elegant, I love it!

  6. these chairs look great! how did you prep them before


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