Fancy Farmgirls Barn Sale Treasures

Remember my post last week about the
Fancy Farmgirls having a Barn Sale?
Well I went and brought my Mother-in-Law along and we had so much fun.
The chippy old barn was just full of so much cute stuff. And that was just what was left on the last day.
They Fancy Farmgirls have such a great style and their furniture pieces are amazing!
So Today I just wanted to show off all of the treasures I brought home.
Great tower of stuff, hu? It's all so Me!
And how cute is this whale?
I've placed it alongside the stack of cutting boards in my kitchen. I've also added my new textured rolling pin to the mix.
I picked up this accordion wine rack. . .
and spray painted it when I got home.
It fits in perfectly in my dining room.
As for the wicker baskets, I have them stacked next to my front door.
I plan of filling the baskets up with all of our winter hats, gloves, scarves, etc. 
That is actually my project for today, since it is currently snowing for the first time of the season. And this morning was a bit chaotic trying to find all of our winter gear,
Possibly my favorite treasure, is this Huge elk antler. I just have it sitting on the dresser for now, But I'm excited to play around with it more in my Holiday decorating.
The Fancy Farmgirls actually had quite a few of them.  They said their dad just finds them on his Ranch.  Which I think is really cool.
I'm still deciding on where to put the nautical thermometer, but as for now, I have it outside, since it really does work.

Thank you, Fancy Farmgirls for having such a great sale, and for all of my new treasures. 
 I look forward to the next one

And Thank you all for stopping by today.



  1. how cute is that whale? i love it! great find!

  2. schöne bilder, danke und liebe grüße von angie aus deutschland

  3. Hi Emily, you did well. Those baskets are super cute! :) Julie

  4. I need to find someone like Fancy Farmgirls in the St. Louis area!! Such cute finds, I love them!


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