Boys Minecraft Bedroom

Like most boys, my two sons are way into the computer game, Minecraft.
So when planing to makeover their room, they decided they wanted it to have a Minecraft theme.

Now I know it hasn't been that long since I first made over their room.
(see how it previously looked HERE)
But a few things have changed since.
The first being that we put their beds back into bunk beds.
 Before they were two twins next to each other.
Well, I had notice that they were bringing all of their toys out into the living room to play.  So by bunking the beds they now have lots more floor room to play. 
 I also bought a new rug for this room, and wish I bought two. So now I'm on the lookout for another rug just like it, so I can tape them together to cover a bigger area.
The next thing I did was paint the walls.
This room doesn't get a whole lot of sunlight and so I wanted to go with a lighter color on the walls.
I went with a color by Olympic called, Secret Passage - great name for a boys room, right?
It is also the same color as the gray stripes in their bedding (Ikea).
I've re-styled their shelves a bit.
I'm constantly switching out their sports team pictures with the latest sport they have played.
I've also made some new Minecraft pillows for their window bench.
I made them with using a simple iron-on kit.
The chalkboard wall is still up, however the boys will not let me erase the Lego Starwars character I drew.
Hanging next to the light is this fun flying eagle that their uncle gave them.  You turn a switch and it just flies around and around in circles.  Pretty fun.
 I guess another thing new to the room is this armoire. I did plan on painting it, but after seeing it next to the bed, they match perfectly, and perfectly with the floors also.  So I guess I'm leaving it wood for now.
The armoire has been so nice to house all of their games.
 I've recently made the wall hooks above their bed. I felt the room needed a pop of blue,
Plus it works wonderful for holding their Minecraft weapons.
 I have been so surprised at how much my boys now use this little built in desk.
I cleared the area off, added a new lamp, and brought in an extra chair from the dining room. 
 And now they are Always sitting here. Working on homework, drawing, reading, it makes me happy. 
I've brought in this big surveyor stick, an old find that I blogged about a long time ago.  Anyway it's been fun marking on it as my boys grow.  
And I thought it was so adorable that my Jax was measuring his creeper :)
And an inderman? underman? sits on the windowsill.

 So there you go!  My boy's new Minecraft Bedroom.  They Love it, and that's all the matters.

Thanks for stopping by,
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  1. The room looks so great! My two boys just love Minecraft too! I am going to have to show them pictures of the room!

  2. such a fun space, emily! i love it- sawyer would love it, too!