A Winter Welcome on my Back Porch

Do you all have snow where you live?
We sure got a lot of it last week.
And it was so crazy since it was the very first snow fall of the season.
I had expected to see a few little snowflakes in the air....  But no,  We got Dumped on!
My boy's even got a snow day out of it. 
It sure was fun.
But it's all starting to melt now.
And now I need to go rake all of the leaves up that I hadn't gotten to yet.
So in my last post, HERE I blogged all about how I painted my back door.
If you missed it, go check it out. The before was really ugly. And you may be surprised at how simple it was to do.
Today I thought I'd just share a few more pictures of how it now looks.
 Because there was sooo much snow the day I planned to photograph it,  I decided to give it a bit of a holiday look.
I brought out this mini Christmas tree and placed it in a big pot, which I spray painted silver.
 I then hung up a stick star on the door.  I think it's a cute alternative to your typical wreath.
(HERE is a tutorial on how to make Stick Stars)
Next to the door are my grandma Nora's ski's 
I bring these babies out every Christmas as a sweet little reminder of her.
Some blankets, pillows and fur create a cozy little place to sit and sip on some hot cocoa.
My favorite part though, is the blue door.  I'm so happy I decided to paint it this color.
It makes me smile every time I come home.
 It really makes for a cheery, winter, welcome.

Thanks for stopping by today.



  1. How delightful! You've created such a nice and pretty area for yourself. The newly painted door is amazing. Such a great color of blue - just perfect. And of course I adore the star on the door. It's the perfect touch!

  2. It's a perfect blue for your back door and looks fantastic with your wintery/Christmassy props and especially with the stick star.