Halloween at our House

 Halloween is approaching quickly!

Are you all so excited?
Truthfully, it kinda takes me awhile to get into the whole spirit of Halloween.
On October 1st the boys came home from school and wanted to start decorating right away.
Which was super cute so I let them put a few things out.
I just wasn't ready for ALL of it yet.
But then I woke up this last weekend and wanted to do a little decorating myself.

I pretty much just decorated our dining room.

It all started with the orange and black tablecloth and the orange and black Halloween banner I picked up at Target.
I then made some festive black poison bottles that I'll share with you more next time.

We have this huge spider, I always love finding a new home for him every Halloween.  This year I have him hanging onto the chandelier. 
Creepy, right?

I also panted some roses black, they are sitting on our coffee table.
And I think the skeletons riding the spider is adorable...The boys came up with that one.

 The boys also decorated the front door with a black spider web and then they have attached all sorts of creeping objects into it. Didn't they do an awesome job!

 A strand of skeletons hang from my coat rack.

Then I put together this little display in the living room.
 I like the tiny black mice poking around on some driftwood.

My boys have already gone to one Halloween Party, and have plans for several more.
Their grandma made their costumes and she did such a fantastic job too.

These kids..... They put the Happy in my Halloween.

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  1. danke für die schönen bilder und einen schönen abend wünscht angie aus deutschland

  2. LOVE their costumes! they look fabulous, and so does your home!

  3. Your decorations are fabulous. The boys must just love it.


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