Plaid Shirt Pillow

My husband, Jake was cleaning out his closet the other day.
Shocking! It's something I have never ever seen him do before.
 Seriously, he has clothes he's own even before we met, which was like 15 years ago.
 well I guess he decided there were some items in his closet that he didn't care for much or that just didn't fit well.

So as he was creating a huge pile of unwanted clothes, I was just looking at them and thinking,
 "some of these shirt would make great pillows!" 

My mind is always in decorating mode.

I especially loved this shirt.
And actually, I felt a little bad cutting it up.  It was like a brand new Gap nice plaid shirt.
But I knew my pillow would be just as great.

So this is how I made my pillow.
1. first I buttoned up the shirt and laid it flat on the floor.
(by the way, this is a mens X-large shirt and this pillow cover will fit a standard size bed pillow)

2. I cut across the shirt just below the arms.

 3. Next, I cut across at the bottom of the shirt to remove the curved tail.

4. Leaving the shirt buttoned, I insided it out and then sewed down each of the open sides.

 5. And lastly, I unbutton the shirt, flipped it back to the front side, and then inserted my pillow.

It doesn't get any easier then that!

For the small grey pillow, I followed all of the instructions above. However, for this pillow I wanted to insert a standard size throw pillow. Therefor I had to cut a little extra off of the one side. I did this by laying out my insert to measure it for size.

I'm loving my new couch pillows.

 The red one adds a little pop of color.  
A friend suggested I add a little red into my decor. Well, Here you go friend  ;)

I also brought in a blue plaid blanket and some log candles.  I think they add a little bit of a Fall look.

On the side of my couch I've also added a wire basket to hold my boy's library books.
We like to cuddle up on the couch in the evenings and read stories before bed.

And now we have cute new pillows to cuddle up with.

All thanks to Jake for cleaning out his closet :)

Thanks you for stopping by today.



  1. love the touch of plaid! and i wanted to ask- just got a bull skull and wanted to ask what you did to hang it. trying to figure out the safest way so no bull horns come down and grab the life out of me, rather than me grabbing life by the horns. ;)

  2. I love the pillow. I know pillows can be expensive. This is a great project to save money, and it looks great!!!