Man Crates is a  new company that ships awesome gifts for men in custom wooden crates that he actually has to open with a crowbar
How Cool is that! 

Well the community manager for Man Crates contacted  me and asked if I would like to take part in their "Man Cave Makeover" campaign.

The idea is to come up with some great gift ideas to give your man to take his man cave from dull to stylish.

Here is the Rustic Man Cave I created.

I created this look on Polyvore,
You can learn more about each item HERE

For this room, I first started with a dark gray wall.  Nothing says cave better then dark colors.  I then added a handsome, comfortable leather couch.  
What guy doesn't love leather, right?
From there I added this beam coffee table, doesn't it look like a grand game of Jenga?
 I'm loving it.
 An industrial cage scone is the perfect lighting for this room. And lastly, a hand crafted animal rug finishes the look.

Okay now for the accessories, which could all make great gifts for your mans man cave.

First up is this vintage map of Rome. However, I think a map of your mans hometown or even a map of his favorite sports team arena would all make for the perfect wall art.

Speaking of wall art, lets trade in his tacky neon beer sign for something a little more  sophisticated, shall we? I love the vintage street sign look of this one.

They may not like to admit it, but guys like throw pillows too.
And how manly is this Ralph Lauren Steer skull one?

This faux fur throw will keep your man warm and cozy while he's watching football on the couch. The leather straps on this one makes it portable so he can take it with him on the go.

Ok, now this may be one of my favorite accessories in the room. It's a leather 6-pack beer caddy that conveniently fastens to a bike.

So basically this guy can grab his beer caddy, his leather strap blanket, And his favorite partner and have a nice little night picnic. 
Well, if he decided to ever leave his man cave that is.

My last man cave gift idea are these English silver plated coasters. 

Saving his awesome wood coffee table from beer rings.

So what do you think? Is this all man cave worthy?

I had fun creating this space.
Thanks for stopping by today.
And thank you Man Crates for letting me take part in your campaign.


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