Last Camping trip of the year.

Well I got my wish and we went camping one last time for the year.
I love camping, it's one of my favorite things to do in the summer time.
So being able to go one last time was the ideal way to say goodbye to summer.

 We found us a beautiful little camping spot at Sage Hen Reservoir.
Our campsite was hidden in the trees, but we still had a great view of the water.

Idaho has such pretty mountains.

There is just something so peaceful about being out in nature.

And look! I even spotted a cute little gopher :)

I also came upon this cute little fishing boat.

Which I was tempted to take out for a joyride.

One of my favorite things about camping is taking afternoon naps in the tent trailer.

The campground had lots of trails to go hiking on.

 I also love to go hiking. 
Walking on a dirt trail, surrounded by tress, listening to the sounds of birds while cool breezes cross your face...... its just rejuvenating to the soul.
I think its important to get out into nature every so often.

 But mostly I just like to take lots of pictures of trees.

My Abby however, . . Not a Happy Camper.

We also played a lot of Skip BO. Which this guy here is the champion at.

My boys enjoy camping also.
But what little boy doesn't, right?
The dirt, the water, the tress to hide in. . .  so much fun!

Our cups kept blowing in the wind, so we came up with this brilliant idea.  We tied string onto the trailer and then attached clothes pins to hold our cups.  

We used sharpie markers to color the clothes pins and found them to be much easier then paints.  We then wrote our names on the clothes pins.

It was a fun little craft, my Jax told us 5 times how much fun he thought it was.

And then of course the best part of camping, the campfire and S'mores.

And we were even lucky to be camping under a full moon.

I am so Happy to have been able to go camping one last time.  And now is probably the perfect time to go, the weather is getting cooler which makes for some enjoyable days and cozy nights.

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  1. Years ago when our boys were little we also spent time at Sage Hen - now I need to go poke around and find the photos! Thanks for sharing your camping trip and sparking memories :)


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