Free Spirited Living Room

I hope you all had a wonderful labor day yesterday.
We just stuck around home, which was nice, I was able to get a few chores done.
Although, I must admit I'm dying to go camping one last time before it starts to get too cold.  I like Fall, but I always have a hard time saying goodbye to summer. 

So I did a little re-arranging and re-decorating in my living room.

I first moved the couch up against the wall. I really like it here, you can now sit and look out across the room and out the window.

I then hung up my cow skull and a wooden boat wheel clock amongst my "freckled laundry" pictures.
I recently found the clock at a yard sale and I am so smitten with it.

I had fun styling my coffee table. I brought in a few favorite little nic-nac's.
On the shelf below is the drawer of seashells I just blogged about HERE.

On my mantel I brought back the beer bottle candles I made last fall.  I then added a few extra bottles, candles, some feathers and a few shells.
I think it really has that Free Spirited vibe I was going for.

We have a really old tree in our front yard, and in the last wind storm a huge branch came crashing down.  After the neighbor went to town on it with his chainsaw, I decided to keep a log to use as a side table.

I also brought in this bamboo folding table. It use to be black but I recently painted it in white chalk paint.

And then with the new arrangement my white dresser is now across the room, under the window.

It's somewhat of an awkward layout, but change is always good.

I think the whole look of the room is very late summer - early fall looking.... Isn't that what they call Indian Summer?
So ya, lets just say the look of the room is Free Spirited - Indian summer.  I love that!
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  1. It definitely has a boho look to it and I think I love it!!

  2. looks fabulous! i love the little gallery wall and the mantle especially!

  3. Everything is lovely, but my eyes kept being drawn to the box beneath the coffee table. I love the color of the box.

  4. Very pretty, Emily. I love your mantel display; the feathers mixed in with the bottles - so creative!