Dream Catcher Makeover

Dream On,
Dream On,
Dream until Your Dreams Come True

I love dream catchers and what they represent.
I found this sad little dream catcher at a yard sale and knew it just needed a little love.

And when I say love, I really mean a bunch of pretty ribbon and seashells. . . .

 and feathers and sea glass.

 Which I just simply tied on. 
The feathers are weaved into the lace, and the sea glass has been push snugly into the web.

But now the dream catcher looks so much more Dreamy. It's not so sad anymore.

 I've got it hanging above our bed.

What better place.

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  1. love it! i have been wanting to make one with lace! love the sea glass!

  2. Love it, I have been making dream catchers lately. So many great tutorials and posts out there. Yours turned out beautiful! Great upcycle :)


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