Creating an entryway

Happy Monday!

My sweet neighbor friend took me to a secret thrift store that is in walking distance to our houses.
I had no idea it was even there.
But now I do :)
And the prices there are ridiculous.
I picked up this accordion coat rack for like a quarter.

Since our house doesn't have an entryway, I decided to some-what create one.
So I hung up my new coat rack, and then brought in a couple of stools.
This is now a great little spot to hang up your bag, throw down your keys and kick off your boots.

And it blends into the room perfectly.

 I picked up a few other items from my new secret hot spot.
I'll share the rest another day.  As for now, I am currently making over our guest bathroom. I'm excited to get that finished up.

Hope you all have a great week ahead.
Thanks for stopping by,



  1. The best kind is a little of this and little of that. Love the stools and the boots say, "Welcome Home. I'm gonna kick off my shoes and rest a while." Love it! I really like your bead board wall. Everything looks so cozy.

  2. How exciting that the store was right under your nose! Looking forward to seeing more bargain finds! :)

  3. Don't you love having a secret spot?!! Your little entry way is so cute...I've been working on mine lately too!!