Polly Bemis Ranch

Over the weekend our family went to a private ranch named Polly Bemis.
So Private in fact, we had to travel four hours plus take a boat ride up stream to get to it.
Someone my husband works with owns a share and offered it up to us for the weekend.
It was so incredibly beautiful, so I thought I'd share a few pictures today.

The Ranch is on an amazing piece of property and has six lodges.

We stayed in one called, Otter.

It was named that because of the otter coffee table.
The other lodges are named after the animal in their coffee table.
(I'm just glad we didn't end up in Grouse - birds creep me out).

The rooms were wonderful.  Comfy beds and beautiful views.

Our room had this shelf full of old bottles.  I thought it was really cool.
 The lodge had a screen door that we just left open the whole time....

 Because this was our view:

There were also a ton of deer on the property.

We spent most of the time on our patio.

Which was the perfect spot to enjoy my morning coffee.

 For fun, we played in the rec room a lot. 

 We also painted rocks to add to their collection.

 We tried to go for a hike one day, but came across a rattle snake, and well, changed our minds about the whole hike idea.

The ranch also has a garden,

Horseshoe pits, volleyball net and lots of out buildings,

including a barn.

Which or course I had to peek inside.

 There was also a museum of Polly Bemis's home,  a woman who once lived there. 
The ranch is named after her.

 But our favorite part of the whole trip was playing by the river.

There was plenty of sand to dig our toes in.

And plenty of river rock to collect.

We had lots of fun.

And the view was simply heaven.

 We will cherish this trip forever.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer as well.
Thanks for stopping by today,



  1. That place looks like heaven on earth! I want to live there! Thanks for taking us along! Gad you guys had fun! BTW: I see you're blonde again...it looks great! :)

  2. Your bedroom is gorgeous and the headboard is truly stunning. The cabinet that holds the linens is so pretty too.
    Decor Inspiration for your Bedroom

  3. I have always wanted to visit the Polly Bemis Ranch! My dad is from Cottonwood and we would go visit my great aunt, Sister Winifred, at St Gertrude's Monastery. There is a museum at St Gertrude's, and it has lots of Polly Bemis' things there (including her shoes, if I remember correctly). My great-great grandmother's wedding dress is on display there too. Anyway, we never made it down to the Ranch, but I am so glad to see your pictures. Maybe I can convince my husband we need to head over there next summer!

  4. Wow, the ranch looks cool. What a great place to spend the weekend with your family. I think it's neat you could get so close to the deer. I have deer that come to the apple trees in my backyard but they are really skittish. I have to use a zoom to get a good picture of them. Looks like you had some pretty sweet views from your room.


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