Organizing Seashells

I know my post have all been about beachy-stuff lately.
I think I'm just trying to hold on to every last bit of that post vacation feeling, you know, where you just don't want to move on just yet.
So today I wanted to share a cute way I have organized my seashell collection.
And I promise that my next post will be back to my normal decorating stuff.

All of these seashells actually came from our trip to Seaside, Oregon last year, which I just realized I never blogged about. Sorry.
The beaches in Seaside were just covered in seashells, so I brought home soo many.  I then left them in a box in the garage to dry-out and basically forgot all about them until the other day.

 I thought it would be neat to organize them in this old drawer,
  that as you may remember, I picked up from a flea market on the coast a few years back. 
It works perfect because it has different compartments.

Just a few of my favorite things; Wicker, Chippy blue paint & Seashells

And it has a cute little yellow knob too.

 This drawer full of seashells has found a spot in my living room.  More on that to come next.

Thanks for stopping by,