Oregon Coast 2014

 Like I said in my last post, we just got back from a trip to the Oregon Coast.
We try and make a trip out there every year. It is so amazingly beautiful and we always have such a wonderful time. I'm already looking forward to going back next year.
This year we stayed in Lincoln City.  We pretty much pick a new city to stay at each time, it makes each visit unique and we get to explore new places.

So I just wanted to share a few of our pictures from the trip.  Hopefully I won't bore you too much with my millions of pictures of the sea :)

 My boys love playing in the Ocean, doesn't bother them one bit if it is freezing cold.

 We stayed in this cute little camp cabin.  I will share more about it and its adorable neighborhood in my next post..... I"m pretty sure I got a picture of every beach cottage on the block.

I swear hydrangeas grow wild here.

Stairway leading to beach. . . 

 Which my poor old dog didn't care for.

During our visit, the coast was extremely foggy, which I found to be quite serene.

I'm already missing my zen mornings.

We stopped into Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

I also stopped into this cute red barn flea market, picked me up a little plate, I'll share that in another post as well.

And lastly the boys saying goodbye to the sea.

It was a Great time.  Wishing I was still there.

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  1. We are on vacation in Lincoln City as I'm reading this! The weather has been sunny and lovely! We are from Portland so get to the coast often. I had no idea you are from around here. Where do you live, if you don't mind me asking? I'm a long time follower of your beautiful blog!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth for following my blog, and how lucky are you to live so close to the coast. We live in Idaho, It's about a 8-10 hour drive, sometimes we break the trip up and stay in the Hood River area. One day we would love to move there. It is so beautiful.
      Enjoy your vacation :)

  2. My sis and family have been in Cannon Beach area this week and have had similar foggy conditions but enjoying it all non-the-less. I even dreamed last night of going on vacation by myself, except I couldn't find my car the first morning of travel, poo. Hubby said I must really need a vacation, true! Beautiful photos of the sea, Emily.

  3. Beautiful! Would love to live in Oregon someday!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I love the coast! Fun pictures can't wait to see the cottages.