Master Bathroom Reveal

I have recently decorated our Master Bathroom and wanted to share it with you all today.
So come on in and have a look around my bathroom...which is not weird at all. 


Before the bathroom had dark wood vanities, blue walls, and a tan ceiling.


The first thing I did was paint the vanities white.

Then the plan was to keep the wall color as is, and just paint the ceiling white.  
Well the white did not look good next to all of the tan tile, it looked too harsh. The white also made the ceiling seem lower.
So I found a pretty light grey-blue color (Valspar/ Seashore fog) that I could paint continuously from wall to ceiling.
I think it's a very soothing color and it picks up the gray in the tile perfectly.

How great is our rain shower and soaker tub?
We quite enjoy it.

It makes the room feel very spa-like.

Which saves tons of money from really going to the spa.
Who doesn't enjoy a bath full of rose pedals next to candle light? 

The room has a sky light that lets in plenty of sunlight.

I wanted to decorate the room with a bit of a tropical vibe,
so I brought in a ton of plants.

I also framed this painting of a bird of Paradise.
Jake's Grandpa painted it for us, I've always just adored it.

The cute wire waist basket is new.  I picked it up at HomeGoods.

I found some pretty fabric to cover up the open shelves.  It's nice to have so much storage in the room, however not all of it is pretty to look at.
The fabric, which has a Polynesian feel to it, is from Craft Warehouse. It is made by Ty Pennington, remember the hottie carpenter from trading spaces, who knew he had a fabric line?

The seashell box is also from HomeGoods, My MIL gave it to me years ago.

This here is my little primping space.
I brought in a small side table to use as a stool. It's just the right size to sit down, put on makeup or paint my nails or what not.

The vanities also have underneath mood lights, which is nice.

If you follow this blog, you know I love my big yard sale jars. I have found so many uses for them. Here I have used them once again. They hold soaps, cotton balls and lavender.

My favorite necklace, which once belong to Jake's grandma, hangs from a light fixture.

There is only one sink in the room, but it's a beautiful one.

Next to the sink I have a pedestal soap dish.  I have filled it with some pretty river rock to help dry out the soap. 

In the corner is another plant, candle, seashell and incense burner. I love burning incense while soaking in the tub.

The pretty hand towel is from HomeGoods as well.

  It's a very calm and relaxing space.
I really enjoy being in here.

Thanks for stopping by my bathroom today :)



  1. it looks beautiful- and i love the tub! we have a tiny bathroom- this looks dreamy to me! and i saw you said you were 36, too, on my instagram post- why do you look SO much younger than me? no fair.

  2. That is a great makeover on your bathroom. The colours look very soothing and with your accessories it does look like a spa retreat.

  3. It is lovely! Very calming - great job!

  4. So very spa like! Love everything you have done!

  5. So gorgeous! What a unique space. It looks so welcoming and that you would never want to get out of that tub! Well done x

  6. Wow, what a change, looks gorgeous!!

  7. Emily you have done such a fantastic job! It really does look like a spa. Love the paint color you picked.

  8. Your bathroom looks exquisite! It could totally give those spas a run for their money, with how relaxing and invigorating you designed it to be. I bet you’re very happy to have gotten this project done, and how awesome it turned out. It’s absolutely worth adding to an inspirational design list. Thanks for sharing!

    Fred Richardson @ SGK Home Solutions, Inc.

  9. Wow! Your bathroom looks great! Its transformation and remodeling made it look so relaxing to be in. I definitely won't argue with you if you decide to spend your day lying on that tub. Hahaha! You did a great job in remodeling, Emily. I hope to see more of your creativity. Keep us posted! :)

    Essie Reed @ Valley Home Improvement, Inc.

  10. Fabulous vanity area! The tub is gorgeous. I'm sure it's weird having us bloggers drool over your bathroom, but we can't help it. Hahaha! In any case, you did an amazing job in decorating the overall area. You definitely have good tastes, Emily! Thanks for sharing that! Kudos and all the best to you! :)

    Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express