Our Beachy Master Bedroom Reveal

I am so excited to be done with our master bedroom makeover, and even more excited to get to share it all with you today. 

So here is the room before:

 Tan walls, tan ceiling, dark furniture, and a black slated bed.
But overall a great attic room with slanted ceilings, skylight, and a charming old brick chimney.

And now the After:

First I painted the walls and ceiling white.
And actually it's not white but a really light cream color called, Subway Tile by Valspar.

Then I painted some old shutters and placed them around the window (post here).

The bedding is all new from Ikea.

Well all but the eyelet sheet.

I found the wicker headboard at a yard sale up the street.
I paid 10 dollars for it. Score!  
You all know how much I love Wicker :)

 I then had fun adding some of our favorite beach pictures and seashells around the window.

And taped a few more on the walls.

One side table consist of a couple of old trunks stacked on top of each other.

The other side table is an old piece we got from my mother in law. I kept meaning to paint it, but opted out and decided I liked it wood. . . at least for now.

I have created my own little dressing area in the bedroom.

My clothes hang from an antique department store clothing rack.
I love it!
And I love to give it a spin to decide what to wear.

I have my collection of seashell necklaces hanging on the wall. 
And then I have turned an old stool into a shoe holder.

Here is a picture that shows a little more of the layout of the room. 
(Ignore the light, I hope to get some new ones soon).

In my last post HERE I blogged about the makeover I did on the two dressers in the room.
Because this one is right under the slanted ceiling, I'm not able to put anything on it, but that's okay.

Here is the other side of the room.  My husbands closet is hidden behind that wall.
The master bath is to the left.  I am currently in the process of making that room over. 

This is kinda an awkward space in the room, it leads to a storage closet.
You just have to watch from hitting your head against the ceiling to get to it. 

But it was the perfect spot to put the other dresser.
I have decorated this little space with an old window, a wicker mirrors and a pretty blue frame.

The crackled frame was a yard sale find.  I placed one of my favorite wedding pictures inside of it.

The palm tree candle holder is special, we bought it as a wedding gift in Hawaii.

I plan on painting the stair rails white. Projects, projects, projects... They Never End!

But it sure is nice to have this room almost complete.
I love being up here now. 

Wow that was a lot of pictures!
Thank you so much for stopping by today.



  1. How sweet and cozy. The white made a big difference. Your stool shoe rack made me smile.
    Sigh... you are so right, projects... never completed!
    Enjoy your beautiful beachy room!
    Hugs, Gee

  2. What a wonderful room...absolutely LOVE everything about it. So clever with the store clothing rack!

  3. it's gorgeous, emily! i LOVE that headboard- what a find! it just makes the space!

  4. Such a pretty headboard and the linens make it look very cosy. Love the casual beach photos and memorabilia too.

  5. That is a peaceful master bedroom! And beautiful too!

  6. Very pretty, Emily! I love it all - what a find with the wicker headboard!

  7. Been searching Pinterest for ideas for my small bedroom and here you are right under my nose. You are giving me inspiration. I am anxious to get started.

  8. Beautiful, Emily! I especially love the bedding and the shutters.

  9. Wow! You made the room look so free. Pulling it away from the typical bedroom look is a unique idea, which provided a lovely and comfortable atmosphere. The beach theme also added an overall unwinding effect to the whole bedroom. I also love the numerous comfy-looking pillows of white and blue. You did a great job on that remodeling project, Emily. Thanks for sharing! All the best to you! :)

    Melissa Robinson @ Pillow Perfect, Inc.

  10. Now that’s what you call a makeover! The transformation is amazing! To think you didn’t change a lot of things, except add a few furniture and redecorate here and there. I love how the room looks a lot lighter and livelier after that little facelift. Thanks for sharing!

    Doug Lowe @ M&M Glass

  11. Can you tell me where you purchased the seat cushion that you have on your white wicker chair in your master.

  12. where did you buy the bedding - love the blue and white stripe