Organizing Newly Painted Bathroom Vanity

So like I've mentioned before, I am currently making over our Master Bathroom.
I just got finished painting the vanities white.

Here is what they looked like before:
(Other vanity not shown)

And can I tell you, now that they are white, the room just feels so much more brighter.  I love it.

I also love that there are dents and knots in the wood, it gives them a little bit of character.

And then over the weekend we went to World Market - Love that store!
I picked up some Nag Champa incense. I'm an incense girl, I love the natural smell of them.
I also picked up some pretty paper, handmade in India.

I decided I wanted to use the paper as drawer liner.
I also went to the Dollar Tree and picked up some drawer organizers.

To cut the paper to fit my drawers, I first laid the drawer upside down, and then I used a blade to cut the paper to size.

I then stuck duct tape on all four corners to hold it in place.

I only had enough paper to do a few of the drawers.  I may go back for another roll, maybe get another print and mix it up.

The drawers sure look pretty when I open them up.

Well actually. . . lets be realistic here... This is what they really look like now.

I'll be back soon to share more of our bathroom makeover.
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