Minion Pinata

My mom asked me if the boys and I would like to make a pinata for our family reunion, and of course I said yes!
So the boys and I with the help of my mother in law made this adorable minion pinata.
However, My bad, I did not take any pictures of the making of the pinata, but It was pretty simple so I can explain.

This is pretty much how it started:
 I did not take this picture, I found it on Pinterest.
 (link not available)

We started with two balloons. We actually got the big paddle balloons that have the string attached to them, found at the dollar store. We then taped heavy brown packaging paper around the center.

Then using a flour and water mixture we glued strips of newspaper around the whole thing.  We gave it two coats, let it dry overnight, then added two more coats, let that dry over night and then A top coat was added, but this time we used blue and yellow crape streamers instead of newspaper.

Once it was all dried we popped the balloons and cut a small door in the back of it to fill with candy.
From there we glued on yellow and blue tissue paper that had been folded and cut to create the fringe look.

Again, sorry for not taking more pictures of the process.  Basically this post is about showing off my pinata and not a how to. But if you need more detailed instruction, check out this site HERE.

We cut a paper towel tube in half and covered them with the tissue paper to create the arms.

 Jar lids, white paper, googly eyes and black electrical tape were used to make the goggles.

 Using construction paper we cut out the mouth and symbol on his overalls.

We added pipe cleaner for its hair and attached a wire hanger to hold it up.

We filled the pinata with tons and tons of candy, and then hung it from a dog leash.  My husband was up on the balcony pulling the leash up and down. 
 The kids were blind folded and each got three turns to hit it with a foam baseball bat.  It lasted through about 13 kids or so before it busted open.

Super Fun!

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  1. Adorable! You're so creative! I love checking your blog to see what you've created!


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